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May 29, 2017
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We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that our team have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result, we are stepping into a long-term partnership with them (We also wrote about this last week).

Our Data Scientist Mervi Sepp says that despite challenges that lied ahead, there was always a determination to make Nordea a permanent client.  

It would have meant major developments for us,” says Mervi. However, before going to Nordea Accelerator, Feelingstream`s solution did not “understand” Finnish. Therefore, once the team was in the Accelerator, a lot of coding had to be done to make the application understand one of the most difficult languages in the world. Luckily, the Estonian language was already installed. So adjusting Finnish for the application was a hard, but doable task.

Nordea and Feelingstream, May 2017

Nordea and Feelingstream, May 2017


Not surprisingly the biggest challenge was getting the data. Still, once the rigorously anonymized material arrived, it got interesting. “We did a thorough analysis and found that the spread of topics in the emails and how they are currently categorized could be improved substantially with the help of our application,” remembers Mervi. As a result, multiple issues were identified, whereby using Feelingstream`s intelligent content analyzer, Nordea could really improve customer satisfaction and increase their efficiency in replying to emails.
Customer Relationship Manager Terje Ennomäe says that she will always remember the days when there was a chance to sit next to customer service representatives and observe their activities.

Nordea’s employees were exceptionally kind to talk about their challenges and Terje felt lucky to be able to create something of value for them. She describes it as the feeling you get when something is so clear and easy and reachable -  like a child waiting for summer holidays. ;-).

Nordea Demo Day Terje Ennomäe Feb 2016

Nordea Demo Day Terje Ennomäe Feb 2016

Slowly but surely Feelingstream team achieved its biggest goal

Once the team was able to demonstrate to Nordea that the solution could really help them, the project moved into the next phase - live pilot. We were incredibly eager to see how our application lives in Nordea’s system. When the live pilot started in December 2016 we saw that people were really happy with its performance.

Still, none of us could have hoped for such an overwhelmingly convincing result. Mervi, who created the decision model based on which the emails are routed, knew that it would create value, but the magnitude of the difference it made, took her by a complete surprise. 96% reduction in time spent waiting is such an undisputable gain in effectiveness that Nordea decided to make our tool a part of their contact handling system and spread it to other Nordic countries.

Last week Nordea Bank announced a long-term engagement with Feelingstream (read the news here in Finnish).

We are looking to expand our business network in Finland and Sweden. If you are looking to invest in artificial intelligence solutions - contact us and we can discuss further.

Contact: Terje Ennomäe, +37250 47166, terje@feelingstream.com

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