Employee happiness leads to customer satisfaction

October 3, 2017
Employee experience

A key question in today’s competitive world is employee happiness. It drives the business, performance and the sales results in a customer oriented companies. There is a direct relation between motivated employees and customer satisfaction.

Happy employees in contact centers make the difference

As customers, we all seek for exceptional customer service. We look for agents to have time for us. After a phone call or e-mail, we want to feel that we have been met by living human person. Customer Service Representative have made a connection and we can be sure that whatever question we have it is being dealt with most care and attention. Those companies will get our loyalty. Those companies we want to be involved with a long time!

Let Artificial Intelligence take care of routine and standardized tasks

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is widely used in the field customer service. With chatbot - a computer program is deciding how to answer. In case you have a standardized, repetitive question, you will you get your answer quickly. But those are only 15-20% of the questions, mostly the simple ones. There is no way we could standardize the whole life in its complexity. There will be always cases in which standardized answer given by robot is not enough and the agent needs to overtake the conversation.

The future is  about mix of automated and human service

We believe that the future is about the mix of automated and human service. Imagine that there is automatization in the customer service process and next to that there is customer agent who doesn’t have to deal with routine and standard questions anymore. Customer agent has time for customers who need human conversation in order to solve a problem or buy a product.  

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