An email that should have never been sent out

October 25, 2017

Let me tell you a story about an email that should have never been sent out. My close friend Karen asked a service company to change her internet solution. Here is a letter she got.

Dearly beloved customer!

As a response to your question regarding internet services we let you know that the new solution is not available to you due to your location. As stated in conditions of services the contract between us is valid until 12.2018.

We hope you enjoy our services!

Can you imagine what happened next? She got mad. She was expecting to get a better internet connection. She did not enjoy the service she was provided at the moment. The company actually had a different solution to speed up her internet connection but she was not introduced to it. My friend changed the service provider and for several months she was loudly sharing the negative experience to all of his friends and family.

When you discover a bad email the damage is already done

Until now large service providers have had limited tools to find out what really happens in their customer service unit. There is a lot of unstructured data and advance analysis is time-consuming and complicated. Quality managers read random emails per every employee and check whether customer name, apology, and details are consistent. Very limited number of emails is under assessment and the selection can be subjective. Nothing indicates beforehand that an email which can be toxic is about to be sent out.  When the low-quality email is discovered then it is totally late to save customer experience. The email is already delivered to the customer.

Automatic quality check for outgoing emails

There is a tool that can read over all the emails your company is sending out. It happens before an employee pushes send-button. The tool sends warning signs to the employee according to the rules that you make. Is customer name missing? Polite and friendly expressions are missing? Specific details about the product are missing? Then STOP – the letter cannot be sent out. An agent can correct the mistakes right away and learn to be a better writer every day. Managers have detailed overview of the quality of texts. The tool I am talking about is “Internal Quality Scanner” from Feelingstream. Find out more. We would be happy to introduce the possibilities of that tool.


What do you think, if my friend Karen has got the following letter would she have left his service provider?

Dear Karen Kotka!

Thank you for using our services. We got your request that you would like to get a new technical solution for the internet with the better speed of a connection. The service you asked is yet not available in your region. We can offer you a different solution that would speed up your connection. (some details)

If you decide to use it just let me know. The technician with the equipment will be sent to you within a week.

With best wishes

Mary Kempton

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