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March 9, 2018
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Feelingstream is looking new hires! Do you want to be on the edge of AI developments and be part of a really great team? Find out more - maybe it is you that we are looking for? The opportunities for personal growth and career are remarkable with us. Please send your application to terje(at)feelingstream.com.

Marketing and communication leader

Are you a marketing and communication professional? The field of Artificial Intelligence is exciting to you and you are familiar with Scandinavian countries?

Your role will be to create stories about our products, team and use cases. There are tons of materials which come out from our connections with customers but as we are hands-on with projects we are looking for someone who is involved with customer projects and gets inspiration from stories. The result would be a great article on a website, post in social media or product description on our website. Find more on https://www.feelingstream.com/careers/ 

AI trainer

Are you fluent in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish? AI trainer’s position is a part-time job, fully remote position.

We are looking for people to categorize prepared text samples. Get paid depending on how many texts you evaluate. We have made text annotation super simple - you can do it in our app wherever, whenever. Even though you can work remotely, we have a cool and very supportive community. Most important here are your language skills, knowledge of banking and telecom products and services is a plus. Find more on https://www.feelingstream.com/careers/

Natural Language Processing Experts

Are you an IT-specialist who can write beautiful codes? Your role would be to support text analysis task at Feelingstream. It will give additional points if you have done text analysis in the Nordic languages. We expect you to write Python code and eagerly look for the best algorithm to solve specific business cases.

We are looking for a python proficient data ninja who has experience in building machine learning models, especially with textual training data.

Your role would be to perform analysis tasks - research into optimizing models, ad-hoc analysis and exploratory work. We focus on Nordic languages - being fluent in any of them (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) is a massive advantage.

Find more on https://www.feelingstream.com/careers/


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