Make every customer service call visible - use case

October 16, 2018

One of the most common ways how customers can reach out to a company is by calling them. Most large companies have service centres to handle the load of incoming calls. It could be thousands of incoming calls every day, each request containing lots of valuable information - about the calls topics, customer opinions, hints about the process functions or agents skills to handle calls. How to get all this knowledge from calls without spending hours afterwards on listening calls or writing the information manually down?

In Feelingstream we have developed a solution that helps companies to analyse their call data automatically without doing any time-consuming manual work. In this article, I’ll explain one real-life uses case how analysing phone calls can help companies improve their customer service.

Automate CRM notes

With high phone call volumes, it is inevitable that companies do not know the content of the phone calls. Although the phone calls are recorded, the actual information about the request is written down by the agent into CRM. Time to take after call notes is usually short, approximately somewhere between 40 seconds to 2 minutes. For short calls, it is probably enough time to take notes, but for longer calls, the chances are that the agent doesn’t have time to write everything down and the result is informative comments like “I gave customer necessary information”. This kind of notes does not give later any knowledge about the call. Therefore, instead of rushing agents to take after call notes that may have no value, companies should adopt solutions that instead make the note-taking process smoother, automatic and less time-consuming.

How to do it? Quickly said, automatic CRM notes can solve the problem. As a result by using this solution, agents can take the next call faster as CRM notes are added automatically and are less stressed as they don’t have to worry about the after call notes anymore. A company who uses speech-to-text analysis would have visibility of calls in real time, as well as gets insight about customer relations and can discover more business value.

Having voice-to-text analysis in customer service centres is not anything familiar yet, but with previously described few examples it is well understood that doing this kind of analysis gives companies definitely an advantage over competitors. Delivering the best customer service and being known for it is a definite way to keep and win over new customers.

And which company wouldn’t want that, right?

Does your company have high volumes of incoming phone calls and could use more in-depth knowledge about them? If yes, write to us and let’s find a solution.

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