Feelingstream rises €400k to find lost opportunities within customer communication

December 4, 2018

We are proud to announce the investment of 400 000 EUR from FiBAN business angels (https://www.fiban.org/) and Gorilla Capital (https://www.gorillacapital.fi/) to expand our growth to the Nordic market.

Terje Ennomäe, the CEO of Feelingstream commented “We are incredibly excited to be selected as a top startup among strong candidates at NAP (https://www.nordicangelprogram.com/) program. The investment will be key in helping us to deliver actionable intelligence products for banking, telecom, insurance, logistics etc sectors”. At Feelingstream we are building products for sales-, quality- and marketing manager in order to have better visibility and operational tools.

We at Feelingstream are really surprised to be one of the TOP4 candidates in NAP program, especially with all companies having female founders. Technology related investments are often male-dominated (read more from Slush article https://www.slush.org/news/slush-brings-nordics-first-female-founder-office-hours-to-helsinki/), and being a female founder is an exception. However, this might become a benefit, us having a more diversified view on the business, people, motivation, strategy and future. The world is not just in one colour, it is full of colours and we need to have different eyes for it.

Feelingstream will continue fast growth in product development and customer onboarding in the Nordics. The problem large corporations have today is a poor visibility for catching sales opportunities or searching for churning risks during customer interactions. This is exactly where Feelingstream can help you. Our vision is to help large corporations to catch signals from customer communications in all channels - voice calls, web requests, chats, NPS or CRM.

This is just the beginning

2019 will be an incredible year for Feelingstream, with various plans to grow our company and expand our services. This investment gives us an opportunity to reach our vision of improving customer service with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a larger scale. Our goal is to grow our team and expand to all Nordic countries during 2019. Our customers can increase their revenue, detect churning customers or track how customers asked about your products. For our customers, the speedy growth means we will have the possibility to deliver more projects with high impact and develop our software even quicker.

We want to thank our investors from FiBAN (https://www.fiban.org/) and Gorilla Capital (https://www.gorillacapital.fi/). We are glad to see that you share our vision of an intelligent way to search lost opportunities within corporations.

As well we’d like to thank all of our customers for their willingness to experiment with new data sources and models, and we’ll be sure to continue delivering the great service that you’ve come to expect from Feelingstream.

We have a long way ahead, but we have all the right tools and a great team to make sure the mission is a success. If you’d like to join us, please visit our Career page (https://www.feelingstream.com/careers/). If you’d like to get to know more of our products please write to me: terje@feelingstream.com



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