5 ways your company could benefit from an innovation seminar

January 23, 2019

In today’s world with high competition, it becomes more and more important for companies to come out with new ideas, new products, provide better service and so on and on. While coming up with more interesting products one by one trying to beat the competition, then sometimes the answer to be the best might be a lot simpler – offer a world class customer service. And the customers keep coming towards you even if your product isn’t always the latest and coolest version of whatever you sell.

To offer the best customer service, this needs a lot of planning and great ideas about how to do this. Sometimes these great ideas come to you just like that, but other times it might be very hard to come out with something new and creative, even if your company has the most creative employees.

In case you need some inspiration, Feelingstream has a solution to that – innovation seminar. Here we give you five ways how your company could benefit from an innovation seminar:


  1. You get an introduction to the latest technology in voice and text analysis – our data experts will share their unique knowledge about voice and text analysis technologies personally addressed to your company.

  2. Market overview of value-creating solutions for the customers – you will be introduced several uses cases in customer service giving you inspiration how to handle challenges in your company

  3. Evaluation of improvement possibilities in your company’s customer service – you will consultation about what are the possible and most suitable ways for you to make your customer service better.

  4. Discuss the challenges of your company – you will get feedback on the problems you are facing now, and how could you solve some of them with voice or text analysis.

  5. A list of prioritized ideas from where to start in order to get better business results – the main goal of the workshop, to brainstorm together and get your heads filled with many ideas you can use for improving your customer service.

These are some of the benefits that participating on only a few hours long innovation seminar could give you. We all in Feelingstream understand the importance of innovation and when it comes to doing this in customer service, we are the right people to turn to.

Do you feel like brainstorming? Participate at Feelingstream’s innovation seminar here!

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