Feelingstream Product Overview - What is the LISTEN Module?

April 1, 2019

As of this spring, we’ve set up the goal to define the nature of Feelingstream’s product framework in order to show our clients both sales and lost opportunities in customer conversations.

Have you ever wondered why customers contact the customer service agents of your company? How many of these conversations reflect positive or negative attitudes? Why the way a customer or an agent speaks should focus on retaining your customers?

Let’s give an example. You know for a fact that recently you’ve been losing customers, but you lack the solution which would help you track the cause. You want to know if the agents converse with customers in the way you expect them to as well as how often churn risk is caused by competitors’ offers.

We have a structured solution which helps you get the right answers. The product is built upon a dual base - Platform AI and Platform Basic - which supports three separate Modules: LISTEN, DETECT and EXECUTE. A Module consists of different features that make up the value of each Module individually. Think of it as a plant, where the two-part platform is the soil, wider stems are the Modules and each smaller stem is a feature. 

So what is the LISTEN Module?

Before any kind of analysis could be conducted, it is important to know what the data consists of and how it could be used. In this Module each company can test their creativity by using the Search & Listen feature. Let’s say you are interested in finding out how many calls made in January included the keywords “want to buy” or “personal offer” which are strong indicators of sales potential. Within the Feelingstream environment users can carry out an advanced keyword search by looking at:

  • keywords found within one or more topics;

  • different keyword combinations;

  • keywords excluding a specific context;

  • keywords found in selected call lengths.

It’s sort of like a mix-and-match task, where you can implement the company’s internal know-how and get a quite detailed overview of customer calls, irrespective of data volume. If the other Modules follow a specific pattern, then in the LISTEN part you’re given the freedom to detect the pattern yourself and find the hidden treasures within the data. Moreover, you can get a visualised summary of data content, such as average length of the positive calls or the amount of calls made in the frames of a defined topic.

Keyword search, however, is only one example feature within this Module, for there are several other functions available. Since the aim is to improve revenue and customer satisfaction, it is important to follow how well the Contact Centre performs, both as a whole and each agent separately. The Team feature allows Team Leads to see how good the company’s performance is and pinpoint where Contact Centre activity requires improvement.


(Photo source: Plantagen.se)


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