Visibility in a remote working situation leads to better business decisions

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Remote work means that customer service teams and their managers are either working from home or in safe working conditions. To navigate this new situation, managers need access to customer interactions to help, guide or make decisions around efficient daily operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and value increase even during such unprecedented times. Feelingstream is one such solution.

Visibility tools for remote working 

Since the Covid-10 lockdowns and social distancing rules, many companies have been pushed to digital channels to run their daily operations.

There are plenty of tools for team communication (Slack, Teams, etc.), video meetings (Zoom, Skype), project management (Jira, Asana) and social media communication (Facebook, Linkedin, Discord), etc.

Meanwhile, customers have shown their ability to change their behaviour rapidly (great analysis here) and do more through digital channels – phone, mobile app, email, self-service, chat/bot conversations.

But tools for running a business and getting insight into customer interactions on a daily basis has not yet become mainstream. And yet, there is a huge need for visibility and deeper insight into customers’ changing needs during this unprecedented time.

Why is visibility important?

Sooner or later, all large corporations focus on functional efficiency projects on a larger scale. As more and more business operations move towards being digital, managers need to know what is going on in customer interactions. Here are two reasons why visibility is important:

  1. Visibility ensures that you rely on real data to make decisions about products, processes, quality or other aspects of a business. Since a team lead or quality manager cannot stand next to every agent and get to know what customers want and need, access to real customer conversations is crucial.
  2. Visibility helps meet business targets in the short and long run. When you are one step ahead of the changing needs of your customers, your decisions are based on real data and lead your business to a stronger position in the long run. 

Who needs visibility?

We strongly believe that it is not only team leaders who should take visibility seriously to improve efficiency, increase revenue or improve customer satisfaction. This applies to several different roles in a company:

  • Product / service owners gain insight into changing customer needs which helps make rapid changes to their products and services to ensure profitability. Digging into customer interactions and analysing them makes a product / service owner’s job more efficient in remote working conditions;
  • Call quality managers can step closer to daily operations, despite working remotely, by analysing customer interactions at scale and focusing their attention on where automatic error detection indicates problems;
  • For sales managers working remotely, insight into customer conversations and analysis of customers’ changing needs and vocabulary puts sales managers in a stronger position to come up with more targeted campaings and advise agents on how to make a sale during calls. 

The insights gained from customer conversations are a valuable resource for making data-driven business decisions.

What tools do you use to get insight into customer interactions?

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