About Us

Feelingstream builds tools that use Advanced Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to radically improve customer experience. 

We help companies automate their processes and move faster towards digitalization.

Our vision

Success is when both your customers and employees are happy. We believe that automation in contact handling is not just about cutting costs. If done right, it can even increase the quality of customer experience. We’ve seen that with clever automation not only can you make your employees work more efficiently, but you can also make them happier by receiving positive feedback from customers.

Through letting machines handle the mundane and repetitive tasks we create more time for meaningful customer interaction. By reacting faster to sales leads more deals can be closed.

Feelingstream team teamwork
Feelingstream team teamwork

Actionable Intelligence in Customer Service

Why Feelingstream?

  • Manual work gets replaced with automatisation
  • Precise results without a subjective factor
  • Access to customer feedback in real-time
  • Data scale unlimited and unaffected by human resources
  • Simple, clean usage and easily integrable with API
  • Flexibility and good pricing

Our story

Feelingstream was co-founded by Terje Ennomäe and Lauri Ilison in 2015. The idea came from an actual leadership problem – the need to figure out why customers give feedback and what are their issues. Terje, working in a pan-European bank at the time, had initiated several manual content categorisations to analyse the flow of emails.

Unfortunately, the manual categorisation system wasn’t free from bias, subjectivity and errors – which led to an incomplete understanding of the situation and didn’t give much help in what it was designed for – making business decisions. There had to be a more clever way to sort emails. And this is how it started – the was taken to VUNK Hackathon in 2015 where the concept of automated content analysis was validated by Telia.

From the initial idea of analysing emails, we have come a long way. We have a platform for conducting an even more advanced Text Analysis by using emails, chats, calls, CRM and NPS comments or any other free text in customer service. We build Artificial Intelligence to automate the text handling and analysis processes. The platform connects to an existing contact handling software to make decisions in real time.

Feelingstream team

Terje Ennomäe, Feelingstream team

Terje Ennomäe

Chief Feeling Executive Officer, CEO, MBA in Social Sciences in European Studies

A background of working in the financial sector for 15 years. Experienced in specialities such as sales, customer relationship management, customer engagement as well as service design.

Lauri Ilison, Feelingstream team

Lauri Ilison

Chief Feeling AI Architect, CTO, PhD in Physics

An expert skilled in Engineering, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning. Worked for 15 years in business development, which specialises in the banking field and IT industry.

Risto Hinno, Feelingstream team

Risto Hinno

Chief Feeling Data Scientist, MBA in Social Sciences and Infotechnology

Skilled in the field of software development and data analytics with over 6 years of experience in working at the government. Brings a more data- and service-driven approach to the public sector.

Who are we?

Feelingstream is a startup company which builds new venture focusing on Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to customer experience improvements.


Why is it great to work at Feelingstream?

  • Great connections with different customers
  • Possibility to learn new technologies and do research
  • Use world-class tools – Atlassian, GitHub, Python – for everyday development
  • A supportive and fun team to work with

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