Becoming a Team Player at Feelingstream Mari-Liis

Becoming a Team Player at Feelingstream

At some point, every student starts wondering how the freshly acquired knowledge could be put into practice. Even more – the overall idea of imagining life after graduation triggers fear. In such cases, an excellent solution is to have your...
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Feelingstream raises 400.000 EUR to find lost opportunities in customer communication

We are proud to announce that we received 400 000 EUR in investment from FiBAN business angels and Gorilla Capital to expand our growth in the Nordic market.We are incredibly excited to be selected as a top startup among strong...
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My three months in Feelingstream as an intern, by Triin Altmets

My three months in Feelingstream as an intern

You all know this stereotypical image of an intern, who has to do the most annoying tasks and often even for free, right? Well, Feelingstream is nothing like that! With these three months I have spent here, I feel like...
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Why analyse customer service chats

Why should you analyse your customer service chats?

Chat or chatbot is becoming an increasingly important communication tool between a company and a customer. Emails are more old-fashioned and people don’t have the patience to wait in long call queues. Those customer service channels do have their place...
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Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

Customer feedback text analysis can improve your customer experience

We have previously talked about how to improve customer service by handling your contacts smarter. For example, read our article about how to handle emails more efficiently. In this post, we focus on customer feedback. We share a couple of...
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service personalisation for a quality experience

Service personalisation – offering your customers a quality experience

Would you be happy when you call the customer service of a company and the agent would greet you by your name? If the customer service representative would know your history and could assist you quickly? Do you want companies...
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automated crm notes for visibility

Automated CRM notes for making every customer service call visible

One of the most common ways how customers can reach out to a company is by calling them. Most large companies have service centres to handle the load of incoming calls. It could be thousands of incoming calls every day,...
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Scandinavian market Feelingstream

Feelingstream enters the Scandinavian market

In October 2018, Feelingstream will be starting its expansion into the Scandinavian countries. Firstly, we will introduce Feelingstream and its use cases within Sweden.We have been developing tools capable of performing advanced Text Analytics on the basis of feedback comments,...
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fast service - the future of our lives

Fast service – the future of our lives

Do you want to get a tailor-made marketing message from your service provider? Do you enjoy fast package delivery? Would you expect to get an offer exactly when you are looking for utility service or regular grocery shopping? Sure you...
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Text analysis Feelingstream

How can text analysis of emails improve your customer service?

When thinking about customer service, we all know that emails are a very big part of daily conversations with customers. It seems easy for the customer to send an email and wait for a reply. Several things can make this...
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Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

In the light of Feelingstream’s 3rd birthday we take a look back at how things have evolved since 2015. Terje Ennomäe, Chief Feeling Officer, gave an insight into the startup’s progress.Looking back at when Feelingstream had just started, what were...
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From Intern to Developer – Meet Vladislav

From Intern to Developer – Meet Vladislav!

With an eye for detail and the ability to execute tasks as fast as the Flash, he climbed his way up from being an intern to becoming Chief Feeling Developer at Feelingstream. Introducing Vladislav Šikirjavõi – a man of few words...
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5 ways of using AI for chatbot analytics

5 ways you can use AI for chatbot analytics

Air New Zealand’s chatbot “Oscar” used to be able to answer just 7% of customer queries. With that in mind, it makes sense why many businesses are unsure whether to deploy or extend the services of their chatbots. But fast...
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AI Could Add $6 Trillion to the Global Economy

In this week’s post we are going to look at the latest Mckinsey Report Notes from the AI Frontier: Applications and value of deep learning. Within the report they state that the use of AI could add between $3.5 and $5.8 trillion...
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Speed is a crucial component of customer experience

When your company serves customers or tries to onboard a new customer, then the speed of the response is the key to success.  We will show you why it matters and how to achieve this goal. What is fast? When...
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