REACH Feelingstream and Medicum 2021

Feelingstream has been selected to enter REACH Incubation programme!

Out of 184 big data European startups, Feelingstream is one of the 30 participants invited to join the REACH program to develop data-based solutions for doctors in the medical sector.     Feelingstream is an innovative AI-driven conversation intelligence solution, that transcribes and classifies customer interactions and automates the after-call work.  “Feelingstream is partnering up with Medicum for digitalizing the doctors’ and nurses’ everyday work....
Nordea Feelingstream Customer service AI

Contract with Nordea – Feelingstream’s road to success

We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result we are stepping into a long-term partnership with them. Our journey has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Nevertheless, we are happy that it has all been worth it for this victorious...
Nordea accelerator 2016 Terje Ennomäe Feelingstream

6 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Join an Accelerator

You have a great idea, so you start it up.  Every founder knows that it’s hard to launch a successful startup. We’ve all heard stories about both startups who fail and startuppers who do it for networking. The truth is that turning a great idea into a profitable business is a difficult journey! Joining an accelerator might...
CEO of Nordea Group Accelerator Feelingstream Terje Ennomäe 2016

How many feelings fits in a room full of startups?

3 months ago, 12 startups were accepted to Nordea Startup Accelerator in Helsinki that is powered by Nestholma. Little did we know about what’s really going to happen and where we will find ourselves, our idea, our product and the whole team today. On the first day we joined other teams to get to know each other better....
Terje Ennomäe

Pitching, pilots – weekly review #6

Pitching One is to pitch to the audience that is kind of familiar to you already or where at least some people are your friends or family or where the environment you’re in is holding and embracing you. It’s a whole lot different to make this first international pitch in a new place to a bunch of...