All work in the field of customer service is done by combining automation and human contact. We aim to improve the work quality and the Chatbot is one of those tools to help you out! 


Evaluate text with machine learning models and automatically get text content!

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What challenges companies have today?

Agents spend too much time on easy tasks that could be solved with automation

Hard to find agents who speak several languages

Chatbot services have low quality, wrong and outdated responses, which leads to dissatisfaction


What is it?

  • Chats 24/7 with your customers
  • Understands and answers your customers’ requests
  • Fully automated answering to common questions

How does it work?

  • Learns from the human behaviour to improve the chatbot’s performance
  • Machine learning models based on your data
  • Reports on sentiment, topics and categories

How we do this?

  • We use machine learning algorithms to teach the Model
  • Through actionable intelligence we get to know what your customers are talking about in real-time
  • It is easy to integrate with your Contact Centre software with API

Test Feelingstream Models

Analysing text from your customers gives you more information about them. You can find those who give high scores, yet share negative comments. And vice versa.


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