Analysing the chatbot content makes tracking the specific details from every single path in the conversations easy.

What challenges companies have today?

Low quality – a lot of mishandled conversations

No visibility about how successfully the chatbot manages conversations

The chatbot does not understand the customer and is unable to help

The chatbot can’t handle as many cases by itself as expected

The chatbot can’t keep up a good conversation with customer

Feelingstream chatbot analytics 2020

Chatbot Analytics

  • Identify unhappy customers and improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate upsell opportunities and get higher sales results
  • Analyse mishandled chatbot conversations and train the chatbot to serve your customers better, save operational costs

The chatbot analytics tool is easy to use and helps to track business-critical signals in chatbot conversations. Create your own Storyboards and keep an eye on the sentiment, topics and sales opportunities in customer conversations with the chatbot without any effort.

Process Mining/Flowchart

  • Get a visualised overview of customer flows and paths by modelling actual processes in the chatbot conversations
  • Identify bottlenecks in chatbot flows and improve processes
  • Make better business decisions based on measurable facts about chatbot performance

Process mining makes the chatbot conversation flows visible and helps to identify inefficiencies in chatbot conversations.

Feelingstream chatbot analytics 2 2020

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