Customer Feedback Analyser

Interpreting customer feedback can be a trickier task than you might expect. Our Customer Feedback Analyser helps you with analysing free texts quickly and accurately.


Evaluate text with machine learning models and automatically get text content!

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What challenges companies have today?

Extended period to analyse customer feedback comments

Human categorisation error

Discrepancy between the given rating and actual sentiment of a free comment

What is it?

  • Automated text analysis
  • Trained to segment texts into three categories: positive, negative and neutral

How does it work?

  • Cloud-based platform which enables analysing free text comments
  • Start quickly by uploading data in an Excel Spreadsheet format and get evaluations for every text
  • Easy to integrate with your feedback handling tool with API

How we do this?

  • Feelingstream has built an application to analyse free text through Text Analytics
  • We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) for analysing free text
  • We use machine learning algorithms to teach the Model

Examples of customer free comments with category


“I gave it 5 stars because of the sound quality.”

“We have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Nice and great set!”


“nothing to say, I visited this place first time, will see”

“everybody makes their decisions themselves. I’m not the right person”


“I would advise to no purchase this item it never worked very well.”

“It really is impressive that the place hasn’t closed down.”

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Analysing text from your customers gives you more information about them. You can catch those who give high scores, yet share negative comments. And vice versa.


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