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Feelingstream helps customers with digitalisation – automating text handling and content recognition. We build automatic text analysis tools that help sort and handle emails, chats, feedback comments and CRM comments in real-time.


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Conversation Topics in Banking

Detects specific topics in conversations related to Financial Services.

Sentiment Model

Detects sentiment in texts. Automatically categorises them into three groups – positive, negative and neutral.

Sales Potential Detection Model

Trained to detect emails which provide sales opportunities for the company. The faster companies react to such emails, the higher is the chance for profit.

Conversational Topics in Telecom

Detects specific topics in conversations related to Telecommunication.

Churn Risk Detection Model

Detects the risk of customer departure with the help of an early indication of customer attitude and dissatisfaction towards the service. Prioritising the high risk of churning customers provides a chance for win-back.

Customer Intent Detection in Banking and Telecom

Detects the right intent in incoming customer requests served by human or bot. Automated detection enables automated responses or further processing of the request.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Customer conversations are a good source for profiling the actual business targets of the customer. KYC reveals facts that are not directly which is crucial for any internal auditor or security specialist.

Business Spam Detection

Detects emails with irrelevant content which are often received by service providers. The tool enables to block the processing of those type of emails.


Beginnings tend to be difficult. We have both the skills and experience in Customer Service which is why we can help you with taking the first step. There are various possible ways for cooperation:

  • Initiate a Proof of Concept (PoC) for limited analysis by Feelingstream experts
  • Run a pilot project for the area you want to automate or improve efficiency at
  • Conduct a Customer Service Audit within your Contact Centre
  • We research service design proposals and help find “home blindness” aspects

Sometimes our customers need some inspiration for outlining a possible pilot project or want to read about interesting findings. A lot of our customers have received great reports from us! You can find out more about the pilot project highlights from our blog.

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Analysing text from your customers gives you more information about them. You can find those who give high scores, yet share negative comments. And vice versa.


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