Innovation Seminars

Sometimes you need inspiration. We bring it to you with a variety of use cases. When your organisation faces automation challenges in the contact centre, these seminars make it clear.


What is it?

Innovation workshops help you evaluate improvement possibilites of customer service in your and give clear suggestions for solutions by using the Feelingstream platform.

It is hard to develop your products when proper technology is missing, but sometimes you are just lacking ideas or looking for proof from other companies. Or have you had a period when innovative solutions just don’t come to your mind? In case these situations sound familiar to you, you can invite us to inspire you a bit!

Feelingstream Innovation Seminar 2018

Innovation Seminars

There are several options for workshops, but usually our customers select between 2- or 4-hour seminars where all relevant stakeholders can participate and contribute.

When getting inspiration from existing use cases, you start to think about the challenges your customer service faces. This knowledge sharing is done anonymously, concrete company names are not used. Please find some of our use cases from our blog:

If you would like to have a seminar with a structure different from the ones listed here, contact us ( and let’s find a solution!

What will you get?

  • Introduction to the latest technology and methods used in voice or text analysis
  • Market overview of value creating solutions for the customers
  • Discuss the challenges of your company
  • Shortlisted and prioritised ideas from where to start in order to get better business results
  • Partnership with Feelingstream
Feelingstream Innovation Seminar 2018

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