Smart Message Router

Feelingstream is developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for customer service to help companies improve their email and response handling process by making it smarter, more efficient and customer-friendly.


Evaluate text with machine learning models and automatically get text content!

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What challenges companies have today?

Customer requests are waiting in a queue along with other important cases

Manual message routing is inefficient and needs human resources

In-house rerouting makes case handling time-consuming and generates dissatisfaction among customers

Smart Router Feelingstream web

What is it?

  • A service for analysing incoming emails
  • Makes real-time decisions on where to route emails

How does it work?

  • Enables companies manage the customers’ requests queue in Contact Centres
  • Routes emails to the right people based on email content and not by arrival time

How we do this?

  • Custom machine learning models based on your data
  • Through actionable intelligence we get to know what your customers are talking about in real-time
  • Connects and easily integrates with your Contact Centre software with API

Test Feelingstream Models

Analysing text from your customers gives you more information about them. You can find those who give high scores, yet share negative comments. And vice versa.


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