Voice analysis

Phone calls are a great source for improving customer service. Track conversations and customer satisfaction within the Contact Centre with the help of our speech-to-text analysis tool.


What challenges companies have today?

Summarizing CRM-comments is time-consuming and inefficient

Lack of tools for analysing phone calls to improve customer satisfaction

Automating Contact Centre operations is challenging because of the variety of data

Call Centre Insight Platform Feelingstream

What is it?

  • A cloud/ SaaS platform for speech-to-text analysis
  • Allows tracking recorded conversations automatically in near real-time
  • Creates reports on conversation sentiment, topics and categories
  • Allows advanced search for every text to follow calls where your business-critical talks are handled

How does it work?

  • Audio file format voice calls are converted into written text

  • Text analysis creates a statistical overview on data categorization

  • Easy to integrate with your Contact Centre software with API

  • Sentiment analysis is done for every text
  • Models to predict your classes will be built (no generic Models are used)

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How we do this?

  • The tool analyses transcriptions derived from phone calls
  • We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) for analysing transcriptions
  • We use machine learning algorithms to teach the Model

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