Visibility into every customer conversation

Access and use every customer interaction as a source of knowledge.

Your customers love your services. Unlock your potential to save costs, earn more revenue, prevent customers from leaving, and reach higher satisfaction scores. Empower your organisation to query, discover and share insights with ease. Offer the best telecommunication experience by analysing customer conversations and learning from them.

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the possibility to make a change is calling


Every customer word in one place

For telecommunication companies with large volumes of customer contacts, it is hard to have visibility or understand the scope of customer issues. The issue size is subjective unless specifically measured. With all customer conversations accessible in one tool, you can quantify the size of the issues and monitor the impact of changes – all for better customer experiences.

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Use data to answer your business questions

With the goal of call volume reduction or finding possible savings, there’s a multitude of ways you can go about it. What’s the correct route? Making business decisions for efficiency is a science in itself and if you have data to answer your business questions and work towards your business strategy, you can make a real difference. Customer conversation analysis is a great source for decision-making. Find positive change and fulfill your potential. 

  • Omni-channel access
  • Measure customer pain
  • Act based on insights
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Telecommunication - Design high level customer experience - Feelingstream

Design a unified high-level customer experience

With omnichannel visibility and access to every conversation, you can see how your customers communicate with you in your different channels and how you currently support them. Design the customer experience by creating a high unified standard for all communications for quality. Monitor and train as you go along. Your service quality can reach new levels with targeted coaching and clear monitoring processes. 

  • Efficient coaching
  • Clear metrics and goal-setting
  • Monitoring over time
sell with knowledge

Everyone needs telecommunication services, be ahead in the sales game.

Knowing which customer conversations have sales potential will help you understand where you can sell and where you can upsell. Competitors are mentioned, but when and why? The ability to analyse how your customers talk about products, competitors, and pricing and seeing how they react to your sales approaches will give you the chance to find ways to sell better and sell more. 

  • Find sales potential
  • Lower churn rates
  • Increase sales
Telecommunication - Be ahead of the sales game - Feelingstream

We offer features to support your goals

Telecommunication - Omnichannel visibility - Feelingstream
  • ACCESS TO CUSTOMERS' WORDS Accurate ASR models help transform calls into text, giving you access to every customer phone call and helping find data you need for decision-making.
  • OMNI-CHANNEL VISIBILITYHave access to information from calls, chats, emails, and feedback for full visibility of your service.
  • AUTOMATED CLASSIFICATIONAI models can tell you the topic and sentiment of each conversation – instantly offering an extra layer of information.
  • MEASURING ISSUESCustomer conversations give you the chance to measure the size of each issue and understand the impact it has on your customers.
  • REPETITIVE CALL ANALYSISOur experience in the telecom sector has shown that approximately 15% of calls can be repetitive. You can change it when you understand the reasons.
  • CHURN DETECTIONThese days, customers can easily switch their telecom providers in the blink of an eye, because it’s easy and there is always competition. Be aware of churn risk and act when it arises.
  • AUTOMATION OPTIONSWith Feelingstream you can cut down the agent work and handling time by automating after-call notes, use automated email routing and reply solutions, and receive notifications for issues that need instant actions.
  • REACT FAST WITH REAL-TIME REPORTSThe leadership and management build optimal processes and journeys for your customers if they get fast reports and insights. If there is a trend of not closing deals during calls, you’ll see it fast.
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Stop losing in customer service!

It is time to unlock your full potential by knowing your customers better.