Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have questions, therefore we collected Frequently Asked Questions about the conversational AI here.

Please feel free to contact us, if you want to know more:

What is Feelingstream?

Feelingstream is a platform that transcribes, classifies and provides exciting visibility. It can be used to discover new sales leads, detect conversations indicating customer churn but also bottlenecks in the processes or errors in customer service. Large companies lose a massive amount of money if they do not focus on existing customers. Feelingstream product is an end-to-end platform for all conversational channels (audio, email, chat, NPS) and enables to evaluate customer conversations in real-time (in case of audio in near real-time) and react if targeted events are appearing. 

Who is Feelingstream for?

Feelingstream is the best tool for managers responsible for efficiency, customer service quality or sales revenue. These titles can vary, but we target these positions: Head of Contact Center, Head of Sales, Head of Product, Head of Services, Head of Quality management. Also, the tool enables Agents to analyse their own conversations and therefore Call center Agents are also users of our product. 

What problems Feelingstream address?

Our users have faced the following challenges before started to use Feelingstream :
1. How to reduce call volumes and save Agents time 
2. How to ensure data quality in CRM in memos which Agents insert after every single call manually and spend time on it.  
3. How to sort out the calls to evaluate manually for service quality assessing purposes. 
4. Unscalable coaching for Agents who just start their call center career.  

Why omnichannel?

The advantages of the omnichannel approach are:  
1. Know in which channels customers prefer to talk about certain topics – finding info in chat, sending contracts over emails and getting advice over the phone?  
2. Ensure all channels provide the same information, same service level and experience for your end customers. 

How accurate is the ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) model? 

Feelingstream adopted the ASR model specially for customer service calls. This speech is well known as spontaneous speech (please read more about it from our blog https://www.feelingstream.com/2020/11/26/speech-to-text/). We have achieved the 85-90% of accuracy, which is really high result. There are always mistakes when doing automatic transcriptions and we work hard with these issues, but already today it is enough for analysis and automation of processes.  

How to handle the frightened Agents (service representatives) when knowing that everything they talk is visible? 

Yes, this is very important topic to handle and inform also Agents that Feelingstream as a conversational analysis and processing tool is used for improving processes, services and sales results. Moreover, we have seen that Agents also like the feedback form managers during the coaching sessions and therefore we have a big fan club there.  

How are the integrations done? 

All calls, emails or chats fly in to Feelingstream platform automatically through integrations. Please be aware of our newest integrations here (Integrations). No manual uploading needed. After the data is visible in the Feelingstream product, you can log in and start to consume the value. Yes, it works already from Day 1! 

Who is the typical user of conversational analysis and processing tool as Feelingstream? 

Yes, we see wide variety of users from different enterprises. For example – Head of call Center, Head of Customer Experience, Head of Sales, Head of Insights. All these who are responsible for customer service operations and delivering enjoyable customer experience. But that is not all, while data analysts and scientists also use textual data, they use our platform with pleasure.