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Four steps of data masking to enable the entire company to analyse conversational data. - Feelingstream

Four steps of data masking to enable the entire company to analyse conversational data.

Data analysis must always consider privacy needs and regulations. Customer conversations with customer service hold quite a lot of personal data. Therefore, conversation analysis options may be quite limited unless technology is used for data masking or some other method...
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Data Security in Customer Conversations

How can data security help you maximise the value of your customer conversations?

The world is becoming more data and technology-focused with each passing year. The pace at which we’re moving in collecting data, using data, and developing AI models – is intense. Data security is key when moving to new technologies and...
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Automated call center quality assurance

The rise of automated call center quality assurance 

In our previous post we listed some reasons why manual call center quality assurance is a thing from the past. Call center analytics and using technology to make the most of the available data is where we are now moving...
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Feelingstream - manual call quality monitoring is in the past

Unlocking efficiency: Why manual call quality scoring is a thing of the past 

Efficiency is one of the core values of Feelingstream. It is critical to optimise operations and workflow no matter what size call centre you are in charge of. One area where efficiency can have a significant influence is call quality...
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Feelingstream - Version 1.9 now available.

Version 1.9 is now available: What’s new and improved?

We’re excited to announce a new feature on our blog: version release articles. From now on, we’ll be sharing news about software updates and new versions. In this article, we’re going to take you through the exciting updates in version...
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Feelingstream - mere facts and actionable insight

Conversational analytics: mere facts versus actionable insights

In today’s data-driven world, companies are constantly seeking ways to improve customer service quality, efficiency, and boost sales. One powerful tool that has emerged in recent years is conversational analytics. This technology leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning...
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Data security for Feelingstream

What is data security for Feelingstream? 

When we discuss our priorities in Feelingstream, one thing is always clear. We obviously want to get new customers or develop the next feature. But what is always at the top of our list? Data security. Security for our customers....
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Feelingstream - Redefine cost-cutting measures in CS

How conversational analytics is redefining the cost-cutting measures in customer service

Cost-cutting is not down to blind setting of goals or just crunching numbers as that may lead to negative effects towards the customer or creating new issues. Therefore, every attempt to cut costs needs to be planned and evaluated. Reduce...
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Feelingstream - Journey from data collection to decision-making

6 Steps of Data Analysis

Data analysis and the use of customer conversations, in our opinion, are the future of empowered decision-making. Making informed business decisions requires having access to reliable sources of information, such as customer conversations. With the technology we have today, the...
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Feelingstream - Why analyse customer feedback

Customer feedback analysis with AI text analytics

Why should you analyse customer feedback? When it comes to customer feedback, there are various forms that may be collected and analysed. The most common ones are NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). For companies selling various products,...
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Feelingstream - How to solve a business problem

How can conversational analytics assist you in solving business problem?

A skill that is valued across all professions and industries is the ability to identify the root cause of a difficult business problem and then solve it. But not everyone is born with the talent for problem-solving. In fact, becoming...
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finding actionable insights with feelingstream conversation analytics tool

Finding actionable insights with the Feelingstream conversation analytics tool

In a previous article, we wrote about the knowledge pyramid and moving through its layers with thought and data analysis to work towards finding actionable insights. In this article, we’d like to run you through another example of this process....
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what are actionable insights and how to find them

What are actionable insights, and how do we find them in customer feedback?

The process of moving from data to actionable insights is not a path that is always easy to walk. It's one that is important still.
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Feelingstream blog post TEAM - Per Christian

Introducing Per Christian – our calm, curious, and adventurous Customer Success Manager

We are happy and excited to introduce you to Feelingstream’s newest team member – Per Christian Narum, our Norwegian speaking Customer Success Manager. But let’s get down to business and give our friendly Viking a chance to talk about himself....
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This is how I ended up transcribing Norwegian for Feelingstream.

Transcribing Norwegian for Feelingstream – a language nerd’s dream come true

A few months ago, one of my friends forwarded an advertisement to me, that a company, then unknown to me, is looking for Norwegian speakers to transcribe texts. After maybe a day or two, another friend sent me the same...
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