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Come meet Feelingstream at e-Estonia Digital Discussions and Slush!

Come meet us at Slush and Digital Discussions!

The last couple of years may not have been the greatest for meetups and conferences. However, times seem to be changing. Therefore, Feelingstream will be participating in two upcoming events – virtual Digital Discussions and physical SLUSH.  We will be part of the e-Estonia online...
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Finnish speech to text accuracy Feelingstream

We are 25% more accurate in speech to text of customer service calls than Google in the Finnish language

In the speech to text and automated speech recognition world, the accuracy of transcribing English is reaching very high levels. The best voice recognition software can reportedly achieve accuracies around 95% (numbers could be even higher today). Google is definitely...
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Celebrating CX day and tributing call center Agents providing enjoyable experiences for beloved customers 

Each year on the first Tuesday in October, the customer experience community celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experiences happen – a celebration known as CX Day. In 2021, customer experience day falls on 5th October.  It is a day to highlight the...
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A new version of Feelingstream

How Feelingstream’s new version and advanced features will enhance your work

When it comes to our software, we are always on the lookout for improvements for giving our users the best value.  We base any version update or upgrade on what our customers have wanted or needed to make their lives...
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Monologue Feelingstream

Engage your customers and increase sales by reducing Agent monologues in phone calls

Have you ever had a Sales Representative or Agent call you to sell some service or product with a long-winded script? Was it interesting to listen to this monologue? Did you buy what they were selling?  Most likely not. Analysis...
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