Product overview


Feelingstream’s end-to-end tool transcribes, classifies, and provides exciting visibility into customer conversations in textual and audio format. It is designed for contact centre work management and it works for all conversational channels: audio, email, chat, and NPS.

The tool enables customers to evaluate customer conversations in real-time and react if targeted events are appearing. It has great automation features and can help our customers make a big difference in their sales, efficiency, and quality of customer service.

We are #1 ASR and NLP provider in Scandinavia.

customer interaction analytics - Feelingstream


Feelingstream finds that it is important that our customers can decide what we help them with. Therefore, we have divided our services into parts – base functionality and add-ons The base will give you the technology and visibility into your conversations. The add-ons give you further options with the help of AI, automation, and functionalities. This way you’re getting exactly what you are interested in and are not paying for something you do not currently want.  

We can discuss your specific needs if you book a demo. 

analytics tool

What’s at the core – base features

The base is designed to give you visibility. You choose your channels and your languages. We give you visibility and access like you have never had before. 


Email, chat, chatbot, call, NPS – unlock your customer journey across your channels. Get visibility of the customer’s experience. Find out why they preferred one channel for talking about the invoice and the other channel for talking about the product features. Knowing the answer leads you to a more valuable journey for your customers.  You can also put your focus on a single channel if you wish. We can provide them all though. 

Characteristics of conversations

You can monitor the characteristics of conversations as we evaluate text and audio data to give you an enriched overview. Want to know how long it takes agents to respond to customers in chat? Want to know how big is the silence share in your calls? Want to know where your chatbot gets stuck? We can help you answer all of these questions and much more. This new data can help you improve your efficiency and quality. 

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Ad hoc or predefined searches give you answers. Before Feelingstream, you never had this phenomenal overview of conversations with 100% visibility. Combine keywords with filters and metrics, get an instant overview of the past or monitor the results over time. You can also easily share your findings with your colleagues – make an impact! Now only your creativity is the limit. 

Use this data to change your processes and know-how to reduce costs by referring the customers between channels, to your website, or self-service. Find where you’re lacking in quality and train with intent. Improve your sales by seeing how your scripts work.  


Feelingstream provides the best customer service call transcription models in the market. We work hard to understand spontaneous speech. We also want to make sure the transcripts are easy to read, so we divide the text into sentences, use capitalisation and punctuation. Languages we are the best at: Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, English, Norwegian, German, Polish. Other European languages are in progress – talk to us to get the roadmap for languages – book your demo! 

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silence share


You may use certain names or terms within your company and have your own vocabulary. That will not always match the way your customers speak. Customers use variations that you may not even think of. Therefore, our AI helps the users of the tool and provides alternatives for their keywords based on their semantic similarity. 

You have your visibility with the base features, but what else do you need? We have it!

We offer different add-ons that you can add to your base layers as you wish and make the tool your own. Decide and go ahead – add what you need! 


We can anonymise personal identifiable information (PII) for all our channels. We remove names and numbers from textual data and audio as well as change the tonality of the customer’s voice in audio – this makes the customers unrecognizable. We follow GDPR guidelines and make it possible for our customers to do that too. 


Our practise has shown that 10% of all calls are repetitive calls that could be avoided with the right actions. If you know the reasons behind those calls then you can make changes to avoid them and save costs. 

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Most companies use some sort of automated replies for all of their emails, however ,they are not based on the contents of the emails themselves. Feelingstream detects the topic, can route the emails to the correct queues, and if needed, selects the appropriate email template to be sent to your customers. Your Agents may not even see most of the incoming emails as they get handled automatically – faster replies for the customers and less manual work for the Agents means less cost. 

Automated topics with AI from Feelingstream


Your agents spend approximately 25% of their time documenting calls. Imagine that instead of every three calls they handle, they could actually handle four. With more focus. With better quality. Because they do not have to document calls anymore. Instead, they could listen to the customers and just solve their issues. Feelingstream offers automated notes for customer calls, which are more reliable, have a standard, and are more uniform than the regular manual notes.  

repetitive calls


Rules can be added for actions to be taken when certain events take place. You can set up an email for every repetitive caller or assign a task for an agent each time a customer mentions your competitors. Notifications enable fast reactions where needed. To ensure you’re up to date on your interest, you can receive regular email reports based on your needs – you may already know how many calls you had in total yesterday, but how many of those had negative sentiment or in how many did the Agent say they will have to call back? You can find out. 

Evaluate your conversations with AI models

We use our own true and tested automated speech recognition models for transcribing texts. Other models such as topic, sentiment, sales potential, etc. give each conversation, whether it is call, chat, email or feedback, further value. 


We are more than thrilled to launch our new free to use real-time audio transcription app for spontaneous speech.
Forget about writing notes and use the Speaker app instead!

real-time transcription app Speaker transcribed by Feelingstream

Why should you choose the Speaker app?
Well, because:

  • Feelingstream’s own ASR models
  • Real-time transcription with only 200 ms delay
  • Transcription accuracy more than 80%
  • Transcription model specially trained for spontaneous speech
  • Speech-to-text transcription in English, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Russian
  • Punctuation and capitalization
  • Data is secured
  • Easy to use

Stop losing time and use the Speaker instead!


AI does magic for our customers. While we use our automated speech recognition AI model for transitioning audio to text, all following machine learning models help users classify or cluster the data. All for making analysis great again. 


You can see the  Feelingstream conversation analytic tool’s value creation process in the following graph:

The Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) model is best in the market for transcribing the calls in customer service. There are our arguments:
  • Our offer is unique – because we support regional languages in Scandinavia (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) and in the Baltics (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian). As our ambitions are high we also support English, German, Polish languages. Please ask the roadmap for other languages.
  • Spoken language is complex – a person can start the sentence, continue with other ideas, correct the previous sentence, and react to the partner’s response. Also, the speech is not grammatically correct, not even close to written language. Therefore, it takes time to get used to this type of text.
  • We have trained separate models for punctuation and capitalisation. Firstly, this makes reading the text easier and faster. But also, for future text analysis – every sentence can be taken out separately and analysed to understand the topic or sentiment.
  • Masking sensitive data or anonymisation protects personal data inside the call. We can remove all numbers and names from conversations both in audio and text. Moreover, we change the tonality of the voice, so it is not recognisable.

We use our own models for everything – transcription, classification or clustering. 

We make models for sentiment, topic, area, sales opportunity, churn risk. 

Summarization – a true automation booster, especially after every call, saves Agents’ time with automated after-call notes. 

Feelingstream provides reliable data annotation/ transcription and preparation services.

Whether you are in telecom, banking, government, medical, or some other sector, you can benefit from accurate machine learning models. The Feelingstream conversation analytics tool with various models can help you achieve your goals in many ways.


Feelingstream not only converts our customer calls into text but it also automatically categorizes the calls according to keywords that are important for us. This has given us a completely new way of getting feedback from customers. We’ve used this insight to make changes in our processes and services but also in the customer service quality we provide.

Teet Tiisvelt
Head of Customer Service Development, Telia

We are constantly improving the availability of our services to help customers access the solutions they need as smoothly as possible. Feelingstream allows us to respond to our customers’ queries much faster than before. The software can analyse hundreds of messages per second, so it has opened up a broad range of applications for us.

Sari Tempakka
Head of Remote Service & Advice Finland, Nordea