Feelingstream enables enterprises to analyze 100% of customer calls, emails, chats and automate after call work and quality assurance workflows.

Management overview

Do most incoming calls get the label as “other”?

While this is your everyday headache, it is time to do something. Try to discover why customers call and what kind of system is used to register contact reasons. Show your interest in this critical step for ensuring data quality. Feelingstream automates call reasons!


Ad hoc or predefined searches give you answers. So far, you haven’t got this phenomenal overview of conversations. Now your creativity is the limit. OR your’s boss ideas?

Characteristics of conversations

You’d like to measure the efficiency of chat conversations – how many ‘back and forth’ it was to get info about the next invoice day or which calls to have more silence on the Agent side than others? Make sure you know it.

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Our practise has shown that 10% of all calls are repetitive calls. At the same time, you know the reasons behind it; you can save your Agent’s time and save costs.

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aggregating data

Yes, these are calls about the last month’s invoice, but what were these calls’. Now can you aggregate your graphs with a lot of numerical or evaluated data? Set your chart and interpret the results for better business decisions.

auto reply to emails

There are automated replies for emails in most companies, but all they are with the exact text. Feelingstream detects the topic and selects the right prepared template for your customer. So the customer gets “help yourself” and find the information faster than Agent can direct you. What if you could save 50% of Agents time with this feature?
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Feelingstream provides the best customer service calls transcriptions models in the market. We work hard to understand spontaneous speech. Languages we are the best: Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, English, Norwegian, German, Polish. Other European languages are in progress – talk to us for getting the roadmap for languages – demo!

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Share your Stories with your colleagues

Once you have worked out the graph, you all align your metrics and KPI’s, and you can easily share your diagrams with those who need to get access. Also, removing the access is possible.

semantic smilarity

You know your product name so far. You believed customers also use the exact phrase for this product. Unfortunately, real life is more complex, not knowing all the variations customers can use while talking about your product. Therefore our AI is helping the user and provides alternatives for your search.


Back yourself with new info every time business signals are in conversations – it could be either a negative call or an email with a churn risk. Get task for Agent table or your email box- this way, you save your time and earn more money.

Evaluate your conversations with AI models

True, here you can find the natural source of value – get the sentiment, topic, area-specific evaluations per every chat, email, support ticket, video call, or call.


Email, chat, chatbot, call, NPS – unlock the customer journey across the channels customers selected and get visibility of the customer’s experience and why they preferred one channel for talking about the invoice and the other channel to talk about the product features. Knowing the answer leads you to a more valuable journey for your customers.