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AI does magic for our customers. While the first AI model  (ASR) does audio file to text, all following machine learning models help users classify or cluster it. All for making the analysis great again.

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Using Feelingstream`s automated call analytics platform for handling customer complaints.
Our speech-to-text (ASR) solution helps detect sales leads from customer calls. What are the difference between making searches on Google and Feelingstream?


The Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) model is best in the market for transcribing the calls in customer service. There are our arguments:
  • The regional languages in the Scandinavia (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) and in the Baltics (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian) makes our offer unique. As our ambitions are high we also support English, German, Polish languages. Please ask the roadmap for other languages.
  • Spoken language is difficult - human can start the sentence, continue with other ideas, correct the previous sentence, react to the partner response. Also, the speech is not grammatically correct, not even closer to written language. Therefore it takes time to get used to this type of texts.
  • We have trained the separate model for punctuation and capitalisation. First of all this is needed for better and faster reading purposes. But also for future text analysis – every sentence can take out separately and analyse as a subject for topic or sentiment analysis.
  • Masking sensitive data or anonymisation protects personal data inside the call. We erase the voice and textual format all numbers and names which belong to your customer or your Agent. Moreover, we do add tonality for the audio so that the voice is not recognised.

We use our models.
For all – transcription, classification or clustering.

Sentiment, topic, area, sales opportunity, churn risk.

Summarization – true automation booster, especially after every call, save Agent`s time and make it automatically.

Feelingstream provides reliable data annotation/ transcription and preparation services.

It could be telecom, banking, government, or medical sector, all these need accurate machine learning models. The service is provided within tools built in Feelingstream platform.