Happy 3rd Birthday to us!

In the light of Feelingstream’s 3rd birthday we take a look back at how things have evolved since 2015. Terje Ennomäe, Chief Feeling Officer, gave an insight into the startup’s progress.

Looking back at when Feelingstream had just started, what were the main goals?

Our aim was to enter the Nordic market so that companies working in e.g. banking, telecommunication, insurance, etc could use our solution for improving their customer service. At first we agreed to focus primarily on customer feedback, since we had both the qualification and prior knowledge. In other words we didn’t want to analyze media-related content, such as newspaper articles or radio talks.

How have these past 3 years been for Feelingstream?

It’s definitely been a rollercoaster! As a startup we have participated in a hackathon,  accelerators, mentor programs etc. Every single experience has been challenging and rewarding. And of course Feelingstream had its ups and downs. We’ve had 2 major changes – feedback given from clients initiated changes within our product development and the team has changed over the years. Without these changes we wouldn’t be where we are at today. It has been demanding to understand our clients’ needs and decisions, but luckily each story reaches a happy ending.

How has it been with the clients?

Success stories among clients make us very happy! For example we once had a client with whom we started off with low expectations. Contract signing was followed by data analysis and that’s when things got interesting. Real data gave us signals and finds which the client had previously not noticed. With our help they got the results on a plate along with a presentation for the board members. Thanks to Feelingstream’s data analysis the client became aware of the core and extent of the problem and how it could be solved.

Every day new startups are created. What is Feelingstream’s role in the Estonian startup world?

Each startup has it’s own focus and I would stress the broad diversity that is characteristic to Feelingstream. We have various products that conduct customer feedback analysis and provide automatized solutions – these tools are perfect for both text and speech data (e-mails, chats, NPS feedbacks, calls, CRM notes and so on).

How would you describe the team?

One could say our team is our biggest treasure that helps execute existing projects and develop new ideas. We have a strong sense of responsibility and working in a team, we are very proud to be able to work at Feelingstream. The contribution of each member is valuable and the motivation to make an important change heightens the motivation to work within our startup. We don’t have a hierarchy or any leaders and everyone chooses their own tasks individually. The main goal is to simply fulfil the client’s needs and reach their business goals.

So what now – what will the future be like? 

In the present our strategy involves entering the Scandinavian market with an offer for automatized customer service. There are several advantages to our solution:

  • Flexible solution for customer service automation;
  • Custom models for every customer;
  • Real-time analysis;
  • Integratable with other IT-systems;
  • Good price performance.

We have products suitable for our clients and we are highly competent which is very important for consulting clients with use cases or for designing the service. Moreover we have developed a new method in the form of innovation seminars which help companies have a clearer picture of what is Artifical Intelligence and how it could be used.

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