How to gain insights and prepare for sales in 2020

This week the Estonian Government AI top-level meetup Kratitreff (more info presented the insights of the AI-related pilot projects in Governmental organisations. The main challenges are related to a missing hypothesis, unrealistic targets or inadequate project teams during the POC-s or trials. We @Feelingstream feel quite similar. Therefore I would like to share the...
The man can talk both languages - tech and business. Welcome, Lauri!

Fun facts about Team-mate: Lauri Ilison – Chief Feeling Architect

What do you do in FeelingStream? My role in FeelingStream is to build up the applications for automated text analytics supporting the real-time decision making. It is about research, development, and testing. We do a lot of research to find the best possible methods improving the decision making performance. On daily basis, I am coding...
Ajujaht Terje Ennomäe Lauri Ilison Feelingstream

United team, applications – weekly review #7

United team Our team is what defines and helps us towards our goals and vision. We took some time to spend quality time together and as always, weird things happened. When you don’t have to speak about work, you only speak about work 🙂 We had such an amazing and productive time together with delicious Portuguese food...