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Engage your customers and increase sales by reducing Agent monologues in phone calls

Have you ever had a Sales Representative or Agent call you to sell some service or product with a long-winded script? Was it interesting to listen to this monologue? Did you buy what they were selling?  Most likely not. Analysis of B2C sales calls has shown that in cases where there are long monologues from...
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How to generate sales leads out of customer interactions

We attend many business development meetings where people try and generate tons of ideas around better customer service through digitalisation, simplifying processes or designing the next product feature. However, our last experience in the telecom sector was different because we discussed how to generate leads from existing customer interactions. Lead generation is one of our...
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Should closing deals be scripted?

Customer interaction analytics creates a new way of closing deals, sales coaching and gaining business results for your company. It is smart to use scripts for helping Agents to not forgetting anything or ensuring call flow. Call scripts are needed but…. When you follow large call centers, then you usually see that there are predefined...
Finnish speech-to-text ASR Feelingstream

Our new Finnish speech-to-text (ASR) solution helps detect sales leads from customer calls

We recently wrapped up developing our own Finnish speech to text ASR model and now it’s ready! Finnish speech-to-text (ASR) is designed to help large companies detect business critical patterns from customer phone calls such as sales leads, efficiency problems, unhappy and leaving customers and customer service quality. Analysing customer calls helps sales managers find...
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How to get customer insights and prepare for sales in 2020

This week the Estonian Government AI top-level meetup Kratitreff presented insights from AI-related pilot projects in governmental organisations (read more here). The main challenges relate to missing hypothesis, unrealistic targets or inadequate project teams during the POC-s or trials. We at Feelingstream share this view. Therefore, I would like to share the experience we had...
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How can text analysis improve your customer service? Part 1 – Emails

When thinking about customer service, we all know that emails are a very big part of daily conversations with customers. As much as it seems easy for the customer to just send an email and wait until their problem or request gets solved, there are several things that can make this process not as smooth...