Say hello to Voicestream – the first AI Voicebot Agent in Scandinavia!

Feelingstream is very proud to announce that we are the first vendor to provide a conversational AI Voicebot Agent in Scandinavia – please give a warm welcome to Voicestream! 

People are getting more accustomed to voice-based IVR systems when calling customer support. However, call queues may sometimes still be quite long. With Voicestream, our aim is to bring further automation and enhance efficiency of support. 

What is Voicestream? 

Voicestream is a conversational AI Voicebot Agent that can understand what the person is saying and can go into the company’s website or knowledge base of support articles to find the answers for them. If the question is outside of the Voicestream’s trained scope of knowledge, it can be used as a normal IVR routing system, entering the customer to the appropriate call queue to speak to a human. 


It’s the Agent on the front line, 24/7  

As Voicestream does not get tired and need sleep such as humans do, it can operate 24/7. It can be the front-line Agent that picks up the phone mere seconds after the customer calls. Voicestream talks in a very human-like manner, working to resolve the customer’s issues and refers to self-service channels where appropriate. 

The scope of knowledge and use area that the Voicestream can work in can be created with training and limited as needed. If customers ask questions that are outside the knowledge scope, it can advise the customer of that. Next, it can enter the customer to the appropriate IVR queue for human assistance. 

Voicestream can understand and speak different Scandinavian languages. This is possible as  Feelingstream has trained our automated speech recognition models specifically for the spontaneous speech that customers use over the phone.  

Impact both for the customer and the company 


Out of the box, Voicestream can start off with managing approximately 2-3% of all customer queries. With further training and information, this can be gradually worked up to 10%.  

For the Agents, this means less recurring easy questions that they now may hear daily. For the customers, the experience of support does not start with a wait time such as now. Instead, they will initially talk to Voicestream that will try to help them as much as it can. Voicestream will offer advice from the company’s bank of knowledge it has been given. 

Customers often have a hard time finding a moment to call during regular office hours when support is open. It’s because they are in the office or working themselves at that time. If Voicestream is configured to be available 24/7, it increases support availability for the customers. If currently the phone support is open 12 hours per day, that’s double the opening time. This means moving from covering 50% of the day to 100%.  

Voicestream may not always know the answer, but if the information of where it’s appropriate to ask or resolve questions is available to it, it will know how to best support the customer. This means that if certain issues can easily be resolved in your self-service, Voicestream can tell this to the customer. There will be less time spent in call queues.  

If there are more complex questions for which a customer needs to talk to the 2nd line of support, Voicestream can direct the customer there right away. This avoids having to wait in line for first line Agents before the escalation.  

In a sense, Voicestream can be one of your Agents – just an AI-based human-like one 

Feelingstream is designing Voicestream to be as human-like as possible, meaning that if the customer interrupts the voicebot, it will stop speaking and will listen to the customer. If the customer says goodbye, Voicestream will understand that the call has ended.  

voicestream goodbye

Obviously, this comes with the help of various technological components, real-time speech-to-text, LLM interaction, specific training models, and text-to-speech to be able to provide the answers it is trained in and allowed to say.  

As Feelingstream is an ISO27001 certified company, you can be assured that we take security of data very seriously. We do not train Voicestream with any sensitive or private information.  

With adding Feelingstream’s conversation analysis tool into the mix, you can also analyse the conversations not only between your Agents and customers, but also Voicestream and your customers. Doing this will help train your voicebot, train your Agents, streamline processes, and much more. 

Piloting Voicestream – Summer 2024 

We are now starting to pilot Voicestream with customers from Scandinavia. If your company could use a tool like this to help your customer support be more efficient, get in touch. 

Please fill in the survey for Voicestream here and register your interest. We’d be glad to talk more about our service with you soon! 

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