Automated call center quality assurance

The rise of automated call center quality assurance 

In our previous post we listed some reasons why manual call center quality assurance is a thing from the past. Call center analytics and using technology to make the most of the available data is where we are now moving to. Technological improvements have given rise to automated call quality grading systems. To analyse calls effectively and accurately, these systems use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Benefits of automated call center quality assurance systems  

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why automated solutions are becoming more popular: 

  • Efficiency – Automated systems can assess calls much faster than people. This reduces the amount of time and effort required for scoring. 
  • Consistency and standardisation – With automated systems, you can make sure that same standards are used to assess all contacts. This reduces differences and makes evaluation fairer. 
  • Real-time feedback and coaching – After every interaction, agents receive rapid feedback that enables them to make adjustments, improving their overall performance. 
  • Scalability – Automated solutions are suitable for both small and big call centers since they can handle a high volume of interactions. If the number of calls increases, automated quality control is still done for each of the calls. 
  • Data analytics – Advanced data analytics are provided by automated systems, providing greater insights into agent performance and consumer interactions. 
  • Cost savings – By requiring less manual work, businesses are able to manage their resources more effectively. This eventually results in cost savings. 

Goal of automated systems 

The goal of call center analytics and automated quality scoring is to improve the overall customer experience as well as make life easier for call center management. Automated systems boost agent performance and increase customer satisfaction by identifying areas for improvement. 

The days of time-consuming, manual call quality scoring are over. Automation has proven to be a game changer due to its ability to provide efficiency, consistency, and real-time information. Adopting automation is more than just a matter of being competitive as the business world evolves. It is also a step towards providing outstanding client experiences and achieving operational excellence.   

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