Introducing Riikka – our cheerful sales guru!

Introducing Riikka – our cheerful sales guru!

Riikka, why did you decide to join Feelingstream?

I was looking for a new job and I saw that Terje wrote on Facebook that they are looking for analysts. There were a lot of different requirements for an analyst and out of all those requirements I only know Finnish, I didn’t know anything about Python or about analytics at all. Still, I thought that well, I don’t have anything to lose, let’s try. Terje asked me for a job interview and we discussed my work background and I was not hired as an analyst, but I was hired! Now I am taking care of our customers and sales at Feelingstream.

Give us a bit of your background…

I am actually from Finland, but I have lived in Estonia for almost 4 years for now. My work background is pretty various, during high school I worked in a kindergarten, I have also worked as a personal assistant. When I moved to Estonia I got a job as a sales manager in a production company, that is what I did before I found Feelingstream.

During my free time I am studying business management at EBS and I am hopefully going to graduate in spring.

What are your first impressions at Feelingstream?

Working in Feelingstream is super cool! I wake up every morning happily thinking about what I am going to learn today. I have worked in FS for almost two months and I have already learned so many new things! I really like my co-workers and our working environment. My co-workers are really helpful and supportive. If I am stuck with some task I can always be sure there are people who will help me. I am really grateful that I have got so cool co-workers!

Also, I really like that there is a lot of different things to do, every day is different! There is no opportunity to get bored when working at Feelingstream!

Favorite thing to do…


Terje (CEO of Feelingstream) about Riikka:

“Riikka is like the sunshine of our team. She’s a very warm person who enjoys speaking to our clients and handles her tasks in a professional manner. As a Sales Executive she’s helped us a lot with entering the Finnish market!”

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