Why consider working at Feelingstream?

Why consider working at Feelingstream?

I asked my teammates what they think about working at Feelingstream. This is how they answered, including my response. 


Feelingstream is a great place to work as it enables to connect the Artificial Intelligence solutions with real-life problems in large contact centres. It is about improving the customer experience, making smart decisions for case handling, automated responses and other brilliant solutions for agents and customers. On the other hand – modern AI is evolving fast globally and it is a pleasure to be in the industry – great team, innovative solutions and technical challenges. Feeling like being on the edge of AI developments implementing those in real life use cases.


Working in Feelingstream is a great opportunity because you can work in an area which is rapidly developing. There is no routine, every day you learn something new (that sounds like a cliché, but I really mean it), so opportunities for personal and career growth are remarkable. And as things develop rapidly and the team is not huge, every person’s contribution matters.


Working in Feelingstream is a perfect combination of play and research. It is fast paced and intellectually demanding, granted, but there’s the thrill of invention, building something new, sense of discovery. In such a small, and seriously cool team being creative and extra resourceful becomes second nature.


In Feelingstream you can work very closely with the client. I can directly listen to the client, hear the expectations and design a solution accordingly. For me, most rewarding is to see different clients and help them solve their challenges.

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