Feelingstream enters the Scandinavian market

Scandinavian market Feelingstream

In October 2018, Feelingstream will be starting its expansion into the Nordics by introducing Feelingstream and its use cases first within Sweden.

We have been developing tools capable of performing advanced Text Analytics on the basis of feedback comments, CRM notes, chats, phone calls and emails.

The application works in multiple languages, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. Due to this capacity, we hope to contribute to the improvement of customer service among various companies working within banking, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail, insurance etc.

“Recently we celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being active in the startup world. Our aim is to expand into Scandinavian markets since we are able to perform text analysis in their respective languages,” said Terje Ennomäe, Chief Feeling Officer at Feelingstream. “Sweden, as the first target country of the area, is internationally known for its secure economy. We are very excited over this big step and hope to secure the interest of many local companies with our application.”

Existing products will be introduced to potential customers by the current team consisting of 7 persons. Feelingstream has been a reliable and skilled partner for several large companies operating in Estonia and Finland, e.g. Telia, Nordea, Tallink, but also government institutions like Tax Authorities in Estonia. You can read more about success stories at our blog.

Actionable Intelligence for Customer Service – about our products

Feelingstream is a cloud-based application and the current product list is composed of 9 ready-to-use tools such as Voice Analysis, Customer Feedback Analyser, Smart Message Router, Anonymization, Text Labelling, Decision Model Builder, Innovation Seminars, Chatbot and assorted Feelingstream Models.

The tools have been throughly tested and attributed to having good accuracy in performance. Additionally, demo versions are available online for anyone interested without the need for registration.

Each of the products has its own unique attributes. The Customer Feedback Analyser is capable of performing automated text analysis on large data by detecting sentiment (positive, negative and neutral) within the texts. Recently Feelingstream launched a new addition among tools – Voice Analysis – which created detailed reports on recorded conversation sentiment, categories and topics. Specific traits and use case examples can be found in more detail on our website.

What are the pros of Feelingstream?

  1. Access to customer feedback in real-time
  2. Precise results without a subjective factor
  3. Manual work gets replaced with automatization
  4. Data scale unlimited and unaffected by human resources
  5. Simple, clean usage and easily integrable with API
  6. Flexibility and good pricing

It is important that each client secures the most optimal offer for their business interests. This factor is of great value for us which is why we welcome everyone to get in touch with us for further discussion!

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