More visibility during remote working adds up to better business decisions

Remote work means that managers work from home, and the customer service team that is serving customers is either working from home or in a safe work environment. The new situation that the managers find themselves in demands for more visibility tools to help, guide or make decisions about efficiency, customer satisfaction or value increase.

Remote way of working 

Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, recommended using Skype when staying home. It indicates the readiness to digitalise and investigate the remote working tools for everybody. Large service companies that have a massive amount of consumers or business users have been pushed to digital channels after the lockdown and social distancing rules. We know the tools for team communication (Slack, Teams, etc.), video meetings (Zoom, Skype), project management (Jira, Asana), social media communications (Facebook, Linkedin, Discord), etc. While customers change their behaviour rapidly (great analysis here) and do more in digital channels – phone, mobile app, email, self-service, chat/bot conversations – the tools for running a business and getting visibility should be updated. There is a huge need for visibility and deeper insight into customer needs and changing behaviour.

Why visibility?

Sooner or later, all large corporations focus on functional efficiency projects on a larger scale. Thinking of the future of the digital world, managers need visibility. Here are two reasons why visibility is important:

  • Relying on real data to make decisions about the product, process, quality or other aspects of a business is the answer to the question of why visibility. Because the team lead or a quality manager can’t stand next to every agent and chit-chat in the office, the access to real customer conversations is crucial. We can also see one exciting implication of sales meetings – the C level executives often ask for sales results and attend the sales meetings. Could we ask what if this continues in a more extended period and affects sales results positively?
  • The second reason for demanding visibility is a business target. Overall business KPI’s or OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) are still critical to follow, and no one should lose sight of the goals. When you know the changing needs of the customers, your decisions are based on real data and lead your business to a stronger position in a longer run. 
Visibility in a Remote Work Situation

Positions that need visibility 

We strongly believe that not only team leaders should take clarity as one of the aspects to improve efficiency, revenue increase or better customer satisfaction in their business. Some of the examples could inspire you: 

  • The product owner’s responsibility is product design and execution. They rely on customer feedback, observations, interviews and other data to reorganise the way customers use the product. Therefore, listening to calls and analysing them makes the product owner’s job more efficient in remote working conditions;
  • Quality managers who help customer service representatives to provide delightful experiences but at the same time figure out the possible risks in processes may feel that they are too far from the actual customer service. I’m sure they can step closer by analysing calls at scale and focusing their attention where the automatic error detection indicates problems;
  • The sales manager’s job is to ensure sales results and buying processes for customers. When working remotely the visibility of existing conversations and analysis of customers’ vocabulary during the purchase conversations can put the sales managers in a stronger position to advise the agents. 

The insights from customer conversations are a valuable source of business decisions. Feelingstream provides great voice analytics platform. 

What are your visibility tools?

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