We are in Ajujaht 2016 TOP7!

Ajujaht (or Brainhunt if translated directly to English) is the largest business idea competition in Estonia. As the people behind Ajujaht say themselves, this broadcast gives an opportunity for people to challenge themselves in trying to start a business in a supportive environment while also competing for the final places with the prize fund of 60 000 euros. Enterprise Estonia started it back in 2007. So after difficult calculations you know it’s running for the 9th season and we in FeelingStream decided to take part of it as well.


Get chosen to TOP7.

Delivery from FeelingStream

For some time already, we had gathered with all the TOP30 teams for workshops about our products and with the purpose of forming our ideas better. Now it was the time for conclusions. None of us knew what will happen on this day but what we knew for sure was that pitching will probably be involved. We had had extensive pitching training before and it just had to be one of the key elements. And it was!

As usual, surprises were involved. Suddenly, the team leads started disappearing from the SEB café room where we had gathered since the morning. One of the glass elevators of SEB was dark but moving, so we understood that some actions are going on there. No one was told anything though. Our co-founder Terje was led to the elevator and there she disappeared, to the black hole…

Actually, she had 30 seconds to pitch our idea to the investor Indrek Kasela, who was welcoming her in the elevator. While going up, she was pitching and had a chance to answer to Mr. Kasela’s challenging questions. 3 educational startups were given a free pass to the finals already then. Others, including us, had another round with the actual jury.

The day was so tense and long, so we had a real challenge ahead of us – how to be fresh, exciting and meaningful. But we did it!

Congratulations to other finalists Levidera, Foxcademy, SprayPrinter, Pürg, RailReed & Wisemile who all got the jury’s approval as well! This time the jury consisted of Mart Maasik (SEB), Kriss Soonik-Käärmann (Kriss Soonik Loungerie), Erki Mölder (EAS), Kristi Täht (Marat) & as mentioned before, the investor was Indrek Kasela.

The episode aired yesterday evening and you can check it here: http://etv.err.ee/v/elusaated/ajujaht/saated/286771ec-6886-41d2-b8ee-c1beb01b2507/ajujaht-2016-28 – just hold back, it’s in Estonian 🙂

Good luck in the competition to all teams and let’s continue in a week!

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