Estonian customer experience professionals rock!

We had our first ever customer experience gathering yesterday, together with one of our partners Recommy and our first customer, Telia, was also present! It was an amazing morning full of passionate people about customer experience. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied about the attitude in Estonia to improve customer experience. Personally, I am also the customer of several companies who were present yesterday morning.

Room full of customer experience stories

We had three great performances with a lot of examples, stories and inspiration.

I started with my own story about the pain I felt when managing customer experience, before having the idea about Feelingstream. I gave real life examples about customer experience management and how analysing customer texts can profit your company. For example, when we analyse incoming emails, we can route these to customer managers or to assistants. The result is that sales potentials reach sales team and easier requests reach the assistants faster. There are various ways how to use text analytics, because customer service has a lot of unstructured textual information. Manual analysis has been too expensive and time-consuming so far but automatically the options are huge.

Kuldar Hansen from Recommy, introduced a simple tool how to ask customer feedback. He emphasised that their web application helps over 70 Estonian companies measure customer loyalty. It has many functions and to use them, just speak to him.

Our most important performer was Silja Orusalu, who is leading customer experience area in Telia Estonia. Her stories were just to say brilliant and showed how extensive experience, theory and right decisions help a company really manage customer experience. Her message was simple – start from the goal. She gave vivid examples of how bold experimentation, learning from failures and innovative approach make both the employee and the company shine and happy.

It was great to hear and see so many participants actively participating in the Q&A session. We discussed over future labor needs, how to sell customer experience to management and how every company can use automatic text analytics to drive their customer experience management.

Both Feelingstream and Recommy offer a chance to start the automatic analysis of customer feedback to 5-10 companies. Participating among the first companies gives an opportunity to design the service to your company’s needs and also gives a better price. Additionally, these companies can start to analyse their incoming emails.

Oh, and here is the visual proof of this great seminar

Until next time!

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