What does an advertisement say about your startup?

Ajujaht (Brainhunt) has already pushed our limits here and there and they already know which buttons to press, to get all these early startuppers move their bodies and make good business out an idea. This time we met with our whole team and others at the office of the creative agency Tank to create an advertisement.


Once we knew that Tank is where we are gathering, it was pretty obvious. I finally got the answer why wouldn’t they tell the exact location before and were secretive about it. Obviously, we had to create an advertisement.

How do you make a successful advertisement for your startup?

As it happens with Murphy’s law, when you need your mentor, something unusual happens. So our mentor Ranno Pajuri was delayed because of a tiny car accident. Instead, Joel Volkov from Tank supported us at first.

  1. Brainstorming phase – We defined again our target group and went into more detail with the personas so our advertisement is directed to the right group of people. Additionally, we listed down the stories we have found and conclusions made from current and past pilots. If you’re in a TV show, there’s no brainstorming without a sip of interviews, filming or photographing, so we did all of these as well!
  2. Agreements phase – Together with Ranno we agreed that Feelingstream will not make neither traditional advertising, nor TV campaigns. Thus, our outcome will be slightly different regarding the channels we use. Thumbs up to Ranno, who helped us define and understand the roles we need to interact during our enterprise sales process. For Feelingstream, these people are gate opener, decider, supporter and opponent. What it means that all these personas need separate messages and stories. We agreed upon making the task’s advertisement to the decider.
  3. Content phase – We reach our target group through personal networks and referee, so our advertisement to the target group consisted of a personal note, video testimonial of our customer and the presentation model. We decided to already make the short video as well where right now our Mervi stars.

    Additionally, we finalised the model presentation in 4 parts: pain, problem, how we solve it and next steps. The whole pressure went to making it as easily reactable to our customer as possible.

It’s presentation time!

We were of course the last but not the least one! This time the jury was different than usually and centered to marketing and advertising expertise: Markko Karu, Joel Volkov (Tank), Madis Ots (Newton), Katrin Kull (Dreamers).

Terje spoke how our ad is targeted to about 1000 people from the Nordics and how we reach them through personal contacts. We totally rocked with our live video presentation! We had filmed Mervi before but she acted the video live with a TV screen as well. Lauri opened the conversation about how our presentation is built up. We really appreciated the questions the jury asked about pricing, our name and the channels we plan to use to reach our target. They also approved our approach of not doing traditional advertising. We were lucky and got the jury decided to give us a point from this task!

Congratulations to Levidera and RailReed for getting the jury’s approval as well!

The episode aired yesterday evening and you can check it here:

Good luck in the competition to all teams and let’s continue in a week!

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