Wlcome,Lauri! Tech and business guru-

Fun facts about team mate: Lauri Ilison – Chief Feeling Architect

What do you do in Feelingstream?

My role in Feelingstream is to build up the applications for automated text analytics supporting the real-time decision making. It is about research, development, and testing. We do a lot of research to find the best possible methods improving the decision making performance.

On daily basis, I am coding our solutions and making them available through our platform.

I also talk to customers and help them to understand the potential we could provide.

What is your background?

I have 18 years background in business development working for banks, digital media, and software development business. I am a business person who does the coding and technical implementation. Sometimes it is contradicting but I love the capability to talk both languages – tech and business. This is a combination I rarely find.

What was your job before joining Feelingstream?

I was working as Head of Big Data and Machine Learning in the largest ICT development company in Baltics – Nortal.

I established Big Data and Data Science business line starting from early 2014 to serve customers in telecom, banking, government, industry, and healthcare to leverage the data they have. It is interesting that every business has a lot of data but only a few use it. I was talking to customers, brainstorming the possible problems to be solved with data science and providing the solutions. I built up 15 person data science team over Baltics and Nordics.

What did you study?

I have studied Engineering Physics in BSc, MSc, and PhD. I graduated in 2009 researching the mechanical wave propagation in granular materials – like sand. All my studies where about Data Science – we solved specific 5 order nonlinear differential equation numerically and applied data science on the results.  

Why do you believe in Feelingstream?

This is a good question. Feelingstream is about automation and improved customer experience in contact centers. The use of Machine Learning enables whole new capabilities for managing the daily operations. Answering more quickly, researching for errors in communication, providing auto-replies etc. This is a really big potential.

I believe that the future is about the combination of smart AI with human perception. Humans should do that they do the best – empathy – and machines should support with automation.

Surprise us?

Surprise, this is difficult. But I could try.

20 years back I was a professional athlete on fin-swimming and underwater orienteering. It was very interesting field – we swam with dolphins with the large fin in both legs. The task was to find the points in underwater with compass, distance metrics in a certain depth. The visibility was up to 1.5 meters and distance in puff 650 meters. During the race, we could not come to the surface. Otherwise, I would be disqualified.

In 1997, being 18 years old, I became European champion in the adult class.

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