Feelingstream is featuring in Tehnopol newsletter

We are glad to announce that Feelingstream success story was featured in Tehnopol’s newsletter.

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Soon Tehnopol’s client Feelingstream will celebrate their 6-month anniversary of the LIVE implementation of the day when the biggest Nordic Bank Nordea Bank in Finland started to use artificial intelligence to route incoming emails. With the help of Feelingstream platform, Nordea can now answer their emails 96% faster and with higher potential of sales conversion emails.

From pilot to production

In 2015 Feelingstream participated in the accelerator program initiated by Nordea Group and with the focus on technology companies. One year later we agreed on the pilot project which ended in spring 2017. We had a meeting where we concluded the results of the pilot project and the only thing the biggest Nordic financial institution asked us was, how can we update the contract as fast as possible, so we could continue with Feelingstream solution.

The pilot project was a great success because we put our effort into the preparation and detailed analysis of the business situations. This paid off when we created decision models which use machine learning algorithms.

Exceeded expectations at Nordea

When our platform had been there for 4 months already we got customers and employees feedback. This was extremely positive which surprised us as well. To be honest – we haven’t estimated this amazing feedback:

Feedback from customers:

  • How could you be so quick? Other banks haven’t replied me yet!

Feedback from employees:

  • With the new system, I could fill my sales targets faster, because I can call the customer faster.
  • I like to make emotions for my customer by replying faster.

It is a great honour to get this feedback and everybody on our team was super excited. The target group of our solution is mainly Head of Retail Business. Starting then we could turn also to Head of Sales or Head of Employee Management or Human Resource Managers. Read more about the employee happiness.

Starting sales in the Nordic market

We believe in the vision – all successful businesses should focus on three aspects: cutting the costs, care about revenue and employee satisfaction. With these aspects of the focus, it leads to bigger business volumes and more competitive company.

Therefore our strengths are in text analytics area with the platform for email, chat, CRM comments, NPS or any other source for texts in customer service. We build artificial intelligence to automate business processes.

Next season flies us mostly to the Nordics where we see our prospects for Feelingstream solution.

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