happy customers generate more profit

Happy customers generate more profit

Successful people follow simple rules in their everyday lives. It’s a known practice that dealing with positive activities improves your own positivity and power. Psychologically it also prepares you for other kind of activities that might be completely different in nature. This is the mindset we want to take to call and contact centres as well. How does they work today? Agents often serve customers with first-in first-out principle. The content is irrelevant and agents handle requests based on time. This does make sense if there is a way to gain more profit based on those same interactions.

Happy customers may become unhappy when they need to wait long

First-in-first-out kind of workflow isn’t effective and doesn’t follow lean principles at all. Why?

  • Dealing with negative cases takes time.
  • Meanwhile, positive customers are waiting. But what happens while waiting?
  • These positive customers turn to negative, because they need to wait that long.

The easiest solution is just in front of your eyes – don’t make your happy customers wait! From the contact centre’s perspective, positive messages take a lot less time to answer, they boost your agent’s mood and also prepare them to deal with more difficult messages later on.

Be smarter with your processes

This is where we come to the picture. We can help you. Our technology is set up in a way where we actually feel the feeling of the emails and order them in a way that the agents serve positive messages first. Outcome: happy customers are served quickly and they stay happy!

If you also think about using this prioritization even further, you may think about being more sales-oriented. Sales do make a large part of your profit, don’t they? Read our post about email prioritization based on sales potential.

Firstly, it’s about changing the mindset that you take fun stuff at first to deliver hard stuff with maximum level. On the other hand, it also goes down to statistics: happy people generate more profit. Your happy customers convert to revenue faster, more easily and with a lot bigger return!

Let’s keep all customers happy!

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