When the speed is crucial

When the speed is crucial_FB

When your company serves customers or tries to onboard a new customer, then the speed of the response is the key to success.  We will show you why it matters and how to achieve this goal.

What is fast?

When customer’s request is waiting in a queue for longer than one day, then this is slow for sure. In the past, it might have been accepted as the life was quieter and information travelled on paper and in documents, but now, in the era of modern technology and customer experience, this is not acceptable for the customers. We know that our customers are online all the time and this leads enterprises to provide service for them instantly. In Feelingstream – we have helped our customers to evaluate the matter of speed in customer service. After analyzing millions of customer conversations in the Nordic countries we can say – speed matters the most. Faster response leads to better business results. Enterprises may handle the conversations with different ways – chat, email, web request, sms or automated chat channel (like virtual assistant or chatbot). But no matter which channel it is – the speed together with the high quality of the response – this is the winning recipe.  

Customer Status vs Case urgency?

Over the years – speedy customer service has been a privilege for high worth customer relationship – like private banking service in the Financial sector. If consumer belongs to a certain customer segment – service level is raised.  In the past years struggle for good customers have increased and content-based case prioritization is the way to ensure the exceptions of experience. If you as a user need the fast response to your complicated question, because you have to make some crucial decisions – then your case should be handled with the quickest speed. In some other cases, you might be willing to wait a bit longer.

Take AI to lead your speed

In Feelingstream we have implemented such approach for several enterprises that handle a large number of customer cases per day. The feedback has been excellent – end customers are surprised and positively challenged if the service provider is contacting them about their urgent matter after 15 minutes of the message delivery. If this is a compelling case for the customer and if it is replied in the fastest manner – this is the genuinely memorable great engagement.

Feelingstream is developing a platform for making smart decisions in customer service. If you are interested in having more details about use cases and technology – contact Terje Ennomäe – terje (at) feelingstream (dot) com

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