Closing a deal is scripted?

Closing deals is the most critical word in the sales world. If the call centre agent sees sales potential, then it is obvious to close the deal and get motivational bonuses for the work. The analytics of all conversations create a new way of the deal closing, coaching and gaining business results for your company.

Call scripts are needed but….

When you are shadowing large call centres, then you usually see that there are predefined call scripts in use. Call scripting is needed to speed up the help for customers and standardise answers among the Agents to ensure consistency of answers about the product, brand, process and service. During our extensive year of pilot projects, we have observed that there are Agents who use scripts a lot and others rarely turn to them. 

According to this survey, the risks for using scripts may consist of robotic sound or only partly solved problem for the Customer. Therefore there are more efficient ways to guide your call centre Agents to handle potential sales calls and close the deal. Let us list at least three new ways to coach your employees:

1. Sales arguments

Ensure that sales arguments are updated, represent your brand messages and campaign messages are always mentioned. But let all other words and phrases create by Agents during the conversations. The architecture of call is agreed, sales arguments are updated, and the rest of the conversation is designed by Agents to ensure a delightful and personal experience for customers. In 2018 there were 78% of customers who indicated that the experience is improving a lot without call scripts.

2. Conversational features

There is another tangible aspect of customer service calls. Calls are unnatural when there is a monologue or Agent often put calls on hold, both sides are talking at the same time or Agent is looking for a correct answer. We suggest focussing also audio characteristics. Create a delighting experience for customers and close more extra calls when conversations adapt to customer tempo, a normal ratio of silence or less crosstalk.

3. Personal coaching

Transcribe all previously-recorded calls for greater visibility. Next to customer service quality assessment, there is another advantage for analysing customer service conversations. When the conversation is in the textual format, this is an excellent source for personal coaching about the deal closing. Can you imagine all calls where great phrases used, right arguments named or objections handled? The effectiveness of coaching could evolve when utilising data about real sales results and deal closing arguments (link).

Let’s change the bad image of call scripting to advantages by creating meaningful, personal and smooth conversations with customers, but helping Agents to use proper sales and closing arguments, show talk and listening time to Agents and coach employees.

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