Should closing deals be scripted?

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Customer interaction analytics creates a new way of closing deals, sales coaching and gaining business results for your company. It is smart to use scripts for helping Agents to not forgetting anything or ensuring call flow.

Call scripts are needed but….

When you follow large call centers, then you usually see that there are predefined call scripts in use. Call scripting is needed to speed up the help for customers and standardize answers among the agents to ensure consistency of answers about a product, brand, process our service. During our extensive year of client projects, we have observed that there are agents who use scripts a lot and others rarely turn to them. 

According to this survey, using scripts may risk agents sounding robotic or only partly solving a problem for the customer. Fortunately, there are more efficient ways to guide your call center agents to handle potential sales calls and close the deal without using strict scripts.

We will list at three new ways to coach agents on this:

1. Use sales arguments

Ensure that sales arguments are updated, represent your brand messages and campaign messages are always mentioned. But let all other words and phrases be chosen freely by agents during customer conversations. This means that te general architecture of a call should be agreed upon, sales arguments updated, and the rest of the conversation can designed by agents to ensure a delightful and personal experience for customers. In 2018 there were 78% of customers who indicated that customer experience improving a lot without call scripts.

2. Adapt conversational features

There is another tangible aspect of customer service calls which is matching coversational features to the customer. Calls are unnatural when there is a monologue from the agents side or agent often puts customers on hold, when both sides talk over each other or the agent is searching for the right answer during a call. A better customer experience can be created when agents adapt their conversational features to match the customer’s tempo, a normal ratio of silence or less crosstalk.

3. Provide personal coaching

Feelingstream transcribes all calls for greater visibility into what is going on in customer interactions. When large amounts of calls are searchable in a text format, team leads are more quickly able to detect patterns in agents’ behavior and make decision around which areas need most improvement. This is an excellent resource also for personal coaching on how agents can close deals better.

Or still script is the way you operate in call center

Call scripting does not need to lead to robotic agents. You can still create meaningful, personal and smooth conversations with customers by agreeing upon those call elements that actually have a positive impact on customer experience.

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