Small companies can make tiny changes for big impact

A small real estate company recently asked Feelingstream to analyze their inbox. This case made it clear that the size of a company does not determine the amount of daily communication and related work. Smaller businesses also deal with a lot of communication flow. They could benefit from AI and tips to have a more efficient e-mail processing.

Inbox handling

An important finding showed that the company’s internal communication makes up 28% of the incoming e-mails. This included requests to print or handle documents; asking to forward messages; birthday notifications, christmas party arrangements etc. All of the correspondence goes through customer service email. That means one third of the secretary’s working hours were spent on processing the letters or forwarding them to the right place. Not to mention deleting spam which takes up an impressive 15% of the e-mails.

Thankfully there are solutions to making the communication significantly more efficient.

Firstly, a lot of the internal messages can be sent to the right person straight away. That means skipping the intermediation of the secretary. Secondly, a real estate company deals with a lot of issues that are connected to administration (renting space; maintenance problems and complaints; notifications about repairs etc.).

As a solution, Feelingstream’s text analysis can categorize letters by their content. This makes it possible to automatically forward them to  the ticket management system (or into the trash in case of spam).

This way the important administration matters will quickly reach the Head of Administration; invoices will reach accounting etc. Consequently, the secretary can focus more on their own work-related matters instead of endlessly browsing through e-mails.  

What we can conclude from this project is that by making small adjustments and applying text analysis to e-mail processing, the real estate company’s internal communication can become much more efficient. Consequently the employees will benefit from extra energy and time to focus on more substantial assignments. Besides that, their clients can also experience an improved and quicker service.

As an additional bonus, there will be a better overview of the statistics (how recurring are maintenance problems; how often resources need changing or equipment repairing etc.) making it easier in the future to manage administration matters as well as make offers to new tenants.

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