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17 conversation analysis use cases with different time frames 

Conversation analysis can provide valuable insights for companies across various time periods, ranging from real-time to historical data. Different time intervals support different use cases and can have a variety of benefits. One thing is clear – having data going back a few years will give you the most options.  With the ability to analyse...
AI-driven customer service quality monitoring

10 typical questions that AI-driven customer service quality monitoring can help you answer – Part II

Businesses with large call volumes typically have similar customer service challenges. Here's how Feelingstream helps find answers.
improve chatbot to optimize customer communication channels

Improve your chatbot to optimize customer communication channels

Discover how analyzing chatbot interactions can help make customer service channels more efficient overall.
How do customers speak in different customer service channels

How do customers speak in different customer service channels?

Our speech to text solution makes customer calls searchable in text format. But this new kind of customer insight calls for a new way of thinking.
Text analysis Feelingstream

How can text analysis of emails improve your customer service?

When thinking about customer service, we all know that emails are a very big part of daily conversations with customers. It seems easy for the customer to send an email and wait for a reply. Several things can make this process not as smooth as expected. If no text analysis is done and everything is...

Successful production pilot with Nordea Finland

We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that our team have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result, we are stepping into a long-term partnership with them. We also wrote about this last week. Our Data Scientist Mervi Sepp says that despite challenges that lied ahead, there was always a determination to...

Small companies can make tiny changes for big impact

A small real estate company recently asked Feelingstream to analyze their inbox. This case made it clear that the size of a company does not determine the amount of daily communication and related work. Smaller businesses also deal with a lot of communication flow. They could benefit from AI and tips to have a more...
Automated email routing

The story of an Inbox

Feelingstream started a pilot project for the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in November. The aim was to analyze incoming e-mails in various inboxes and establish the most common themes and emotions. The results are now in and they’re somewhat surprising. The Ministry receives as many as 50 e-mails a day. 24% of...

Intelligent auto-replies will become a game-changer!

Automatic responses are a widely used e-mail type in customer service. Auto-replies are often discarded due to their impersonal and trivial content. Feelingstream’s new exciting technology might change that perception in a profound way. Auto-replies can be more than just a thank you for waiting We often expect customer service agents to be almost superhumanly...
nps analysis

NPS analysis: Looking behind the score to get great value

It is generally known that if a person has the freedom to choose and there are several services available on the market with different levels, they will spend their money where they get the best service. Here and there we see different service providers advertising themselves, using the “our customers recommend us” slogan! Our NPS...