Feelingstream - Version 1.9 now available.

Version 1.9 is now available: What’s new and improved?

We’re excited to announce a new feature on our blog: version release articles. From now on, we’ll be sharing news about software updates and new versions. In this article, we’re going to take you through the exciting updates in version 1.9 of our conversation analytics tool. Already using Feelingstream? If yes, go and read the support articles in our Knowledge Base for more detailed information.  

Balancing client insights, user friendliness, and our vision

Our most recent version is a combination of customer feedback, user experience, and our vision. We begin by actively engaging with our customers and listening carefully to their ideas and concerns. Their feedback is extremely helpful to our development efforts. Then, to ensure that our product not only meets but exceeds expectations, we work on improving user experiences. Finally, our vision is the secret sauce that drives our innovation and ambition to give cutting-edge tools and capabilities to our users.

What’s new in version 1.9

We made improvements to multiple user-oriented features such as the Calendar and the audio player used in the Call module. The version also includes various technical updates and bug fixes.

New Calendar and comparison options

The Calendar and its location have been updated in version 1.9. It is now only visible in views where the content depends on the time period. 

The feature itself has also changed; previously, it only allowed the user to select the currently visible period; now, we have added the comparison Calendar, which allows the user to see the period to which the comparisons are made and allows the user to adjust the time of comparison. This way, users can compare time periods such as one week to the previous week, match the start date of the comparison, and even compare the third week of the month with the same week from the previous month.

New player and transcription visual

With the audio player used in the Call module, we are heading towards new looks and advanced functionality in version 1.9.   

The new player introduces a visual change, but the main impact is for the user: the user can now not only click on a spot in the audio visual to change the part of the audio they’re listening to, but they can also click on a word in the transcript to make the audio skip to the part they want to listen to.  

The audio speed can now be reduced and increased, and the users can also download the call transcript in a variety of formats.

With version 1.9, we are introducing a new chart type called Trending words. This is an add-on feature that can be purchased to increase your analysis capabilities. 

The Trending words chart type can be used to see statistically significant changes in customer conversation vocabulary. What could be more valuable to see which words stand out compared to the norm. Or do our campaign words decrease in call center conversations? The Trending words enable managers to give the right dose of training for Agents or campaign insights to the marketing department.

Why Feelingstream?

We are always working to improve our one-of-a-kind conversation analytics tool. We provide omnichannel analysis, which allows you to see the customer service to improve customer service quality, sales, and efficiency.  

Are you ready to see the true potential of what customer conversation analysis can help you achieve? Book a demo call with us!

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