Laura Haarakalju
Feelingstream - Redefine cost-cutting measures in CS

How conversational analytics is redefining the cost-cutting measures in customer service

Cost-cutting is not down to blind setting of goals or just crunching numbers as that may lead to negative effects towards the customer or creating new issues. Therefore, every attempt to cut costs needs to be planned and evaluated. Reduce customer service costs, not quality! Companies wish to find growth but have to tackle new...
Feelingstream - How to solve a business problem

How to solve a business problem?

A skill that is valued across all professions and industries is the ability to identify the root cause of a difficult business problem and then solve it. But not everyone is born with the talent for problem-solving. In fact, becoming an expert problem solver could be really challenging. However, just like any other skill, problem...
Feelingstream blog post TEAM - Per Christian

Introducing Per Christian – our calm, curious, and adventurous Customer Success Manager

We are happy and excited to introduce you to Feelingstream’s newest team member – Per Christian Narum, our Norwegian speaking Customer Success Manager. But let’s get down to business and give our friendly Viking a chance to talk about himself. Per Christian was asked a series of questions and here are his answers. Enjoy! How...
This is how I ended up transcribing Norwegian for Feelingstream.

Transcribing Norwegian for Feelingstream – a language nerd’s dream come true

A few months ago, one of my friends forwarded an advertisement to me, that a company, then unknown to me, is looking for Norwegian speakers to transcribe texts. After maybe a day or two, another friend sent me the same thing. I thought, if this was connected to me twice, I must take a closer...
Retrospect of our internship in Feelingstream by Marleen and Laura

Retrospect of our internship in Feelingstream

It was a cold wintery day in February, when two girls from Tallinn School of Economics stepped into our office to start their marketing internship. Time has flown by and now they’re looking back on the journey they’ve had to share some good memories with us.   Let’s get to know you better! For starters,...
speaker speech to text transcription app for spontaneous speech by Feelingstream

Stop losing time – use the new Speaker app instead!

Time is one of the irretrievable resources that people can’t get enough of. Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced specialist, you’ll always need another hour or two to cross off a few more tasks from your to-do list. To get more done, you must simply improve your time management skills, but that’s easier said...