Feelingstream VUNK hackathon 2015

Business model, problem validation, team – weekly review #2

The second week with Vunklabs went by already with a stronger tempo and more complex tasks. Since we gather weekly at Startup Wise Guys‘ office, we kind of feel like we’re back in school. It has the same kind of discipline, homework and feedback sessions in front of the “class” and just in general a classroom type of feeling. Nothing’s wrong with that, we like it. Keeping focus is the discipline we want to continue. We completed our main commitments for the past week and did some extra, so these are the topics I would like to highlight from last week:

Business model

There are a lot of tools to help startups like us figure out the best and most suitable business model. Seems like an easy-peasy kind of job, but in reality it’s tough, extremely tough! We were happy to have some support from Calum from SWG and Viktoria from VUNK team and were able to find angles that really make it matter. Value proposition is just one sentence but it’s the most important sentence about your startup.

Problem validation

The problem about customer satisfaction that Feelingstream is trying to solve is really broad. The focus we have chosen at the moment is making the workflow in contact centres more effective. However, to prove the need, we were and still are validating our idea with local and global market players. We met with two more companies from finance and energy sector and found common groung with both of them. Good news – we’ll be preparing more pilots soon enough for them as well!

Stronger team

Our product is highly technological and we were missing some of the competences before. This is solved now since we found two new team members who are ready to rock and feel the world with us! One of them has 30 years of data science experience and the other one is extremely skilled Big Data developer. In addition, the count of PhDs just went through the roof!

Our main goals for current week:

  • We will develop a one-pager about Feelingstream;
  • We will set up the first complete version of our web application;
  •  We will complete the test with our first pilot customer.

Feel you soon!

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