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Feelingstream and E-estoniaFeelingstream and E-estonia

Do you want to get a tailor-made marketing message from your service provider? Do you enjoy the fast package delivery? Would you expect to get an offer exactly when you are looking for utility service or regular grocery shopping? Sure you are!

Feelingstream conducted a survey last week in Level 11 event for innovation leaders and asked what are the aspects that influence customer experience the most? There were predefined options and every participant could select several options. In total 34 persons participated over a mobile phone.

Aspects that play a major role when managing the customer experience. TOP4 helps you to improve the customer experience the most. (Feelingstream survey 2018)

The results are impressive, the total winner is an employee’s skills with 88 %. The customers feel that it is always great and safe to talk with someone who knows the product and knows how the customer could use the product. Could not agree more with the fact!

Next two aspects have the same results – speed and personalization influence customer perception about the service provider. With 85% of respondents believe that when reacting fast and approaching personally towards customers increase satisfaction.

Fast service

How does the technology support the speeding up our customer service to the customers?

We are living in an era where customer service digitalisation is happening with the help of AI. When a customer sends a request (web request or email or support ticket) to the company then it stays in a queue and will be handled in FI-FO principle. But when the company uses an intelligence behind the queue, it allows prioritizing business-critical emails. We have written several articles about these use cases before (link, link, etc).

The price influences the customer experience the last

As seen in the survey results graph we see the price placed the last place to influence the customer experience with a company. When all prices for the similar products are the same then it is obvious that there are some other aspects that influence the customer perception most. Let’s take the payments as a product  – the price is quite similar in all banks and payment service providers. Therefore we as customers assess the customer experience higher when we get the service at the right time and in a personalised way when we need it. There are articles about price and product to be or not part of customer experience aspects and these are interesting to follow (

But what about personalisation?

Personalisation got the same results in Feelingstream survey we asked participants to select aspects the most influence customer experience.

We will focus on this topic in our next post.

Stay with us!

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