How the Feelingstream conversation analytics tool can enhance your business and customer service

How the Feelingstream customer conversation analytics tool can enhance your business and customer service?

Most businesses find it very difficult to understand what their customers think of them. It is not plain and clear what the customer issues are. Therefore, finding data for making important business decisions is complicated. Managers often make decisions in the dark or based on their gut feelings.

Decision making is easier by using conversation analytics for analyzing daily customer interactions. This is why we at Feelingstream have developed an innovative AI-driven conversation analytics tool.

Our conversation analytics solution helps our customers improve their efficiency, increase sales, and enhance customer service quality. We have our own speech-to-text models in various languages and focus on spontaneous speech in the world of customer service calls.  

We transcribe and classify phone calls, but that’s not all, we have an omnichannel solution. Therefore, together with calls, we also offer analysis for chat, email, and feedback. We deliver insights via conversation analytics and offer various automation solutions. Our current customers are mainly large service providers with big customer service teams. The solution works great for telecom and banking, it gives insights for public sector institutions, and much more. 

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What is conversation analytics and why is it important? 

Conversation analytics is a process in which usable insights are extracted from human speech and conversation. This is done using natural language processing (NLP) which is a combination of linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence.  

Businesses can use conversational analytics to evaluate their customer conversations. It can be used to understand voice data from phone calls to gain insight into your customer conversations. Conversation analytics can also be used to study other text-based interactions such as live chat and email.   

Read our blog post regarding conversation analytics for more detailed information. 

How the Feelingstream conversation analytics tool can help you enhance your customer service quality? 

Call quality managers often face the issue that they would like to have more of a reach into their conversations, but lack the time to listen to calls. With usual call quality monitoring processes, managers would rarely review more than 1-2% of the calls. This is simply due to time constraints. 

With all of the calls transcribed by Feelingstream, quality managers get full visibility. They have their audio as they did before. However, with the transcript and enriched data, it is much easier to pick calls for a review.  

Imagine that instead of taking 2 or 3 random calls, the quality manager can easily choose a focus point. For example, they can look at calls that include multiple monologues or have too much silence in them. Looking at the outliers based on numerical measurements is one option. Another is to use keyword searches for topics that have been problematic in the past. 

All in all, Feelingstream offers automated reports for call quality monitoring (you can actually do that with other channels too!) and gives visibility into 100% of the calls. Read our article about the 10 questions that the automated call quality monitoring solution helps you answer. 

How to use the Feelingstream’s solution to help improve your efficiency? 

Feelingstream can help companies tackle efficiency in many ways, it is just a matter of choosing where to start.  

Your calls are quite long? Efficiency can come from the simplest things. Start with measuring the average handling times of calls and looking at why some calls are longer. You can classify them based on topics and see what the contents are. Then you can improve your processes and train agents to lower their AHT.  

You’ve created a self-service site, but your customers are still calling customer service? Find out what the customers cannot find and what is too complicated for them on your self-service site. Making data-based changes and then monitoring for improvements can lead to decreasing avoidable calls. 

efficiency wins feelingstream

Your customers send you a lot of emails each day, and it takes your agents 3 to 5 days to be able to reply to them. If you would use automated email routing and replies, you would be able to drastically reduce your handling times and could pick out the most important emails for faster handling

You have a chatbot, but the customers keep being forwarded to your agents, making the chatbot inefficient. Therefore, if you analyze which contacts the bot passes on to agents and when, you will find data to improve your chatbot processes

There are many more ways to have greater efficiency with AI. Make sure to also check out our Ultimate Guide on using AI to improve your efficiency. 

How the Feelingstream conversation analytics tool can help you increase your sales? 

If you have a specialized sales team or your customer service also deals with sales, you will have certain sales processes in place.  

Do you know if your agents actually follow your sales scripts ? How do you know? Listening to a few calls does not give you an understanding of the real compliance to scripting. Feelingstream helps you check if agents follow scripts and use the specific words you’ve asked them to.   

Does your sales process really work? If you look at your high performers and low performers in terms of sales, what do their sales calls and sales pitches sound like? Are they monologues or dialogues? Do they adjust to the customer or force their scripts? How do they get the sales and lose them? Analyzing the patterns in your successful sales calls allows you to adjust just processes and pitches. Make sure to analyze your current contacts for potential sales leads as well. 

sales wins with feelingstream

Do you get the sales when customers email you with an intent to purchase? If you react quickly, you might do. If those emails sit in a queue for a week, someone else has already made that sale for them. Use automated email routing for sales emails with sales potential to reach your sales targets.  

Feelingstream creates and uses various classifiers to highlight important conversations. We can highlight the conversations with the greatest sales potential for you as well. We will definitely be writing more about our features for sales in the future, so make sure to keep an eye on our blog

In conclusion, Feelingstream strives to help companies improve. We want to help them win in their customer service, sales, efficiency, and processes with the use of our conversation analytics tool.

Did all of this seem interesting and exciting for you? Stop losing in customer service and join us. Book a demo as we’d love to show you how Feelingstream can help your business. If you want to read more about our approach to security, read what security means to us.

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