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Our participation in Nordea Startup

News about Nestholma

From the beginning of Feelingstream, some levels during our journey on improving businesses in the Nordic and Baltic regions have been set as milestones. If we set aside our technical capabilities and customer experience knowledge, there’s a sector we know extremely well – finance. Both of our co-founders have many years of experiences from working in international commercial banks. Thus, it’s fair that we are open to the fintech challenges and needed solutions in this sector. Therefore, we decided to apply to Nordea Startup, an accelerator program powered by Nestholma, which aims to find innovative solutions for new digital services and improvements to the customer experience.

We knew that the competition is tough and startups had joined from around the world. But you know what, they saw the potential in our idea! Out of 171 teams, 23 were chosen and we are one of these 23! All these teams will now pitch next Wednesday in front of the jury and the winners will be announced on the same day. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Meanwhile, we will be working hard to make them fall in love with us, but whatever the result, we know a bit more again that we are on the right path. Companies have a need for a product like Feelingstream offers and we will keep pushing regardless of the result!


Our developing team is working on our first pilot and we have fixed the date to present the results to the first customer. We are already working with offline data so we have room at the moment to play around with it. Our goals are that we have a way to process, analyse, and report the data in a standard way to make the product as scalable it can be. We dealt with the dictionary meant for finance sector and introduced the clear technical pipeline so all our algorithms are developed in a similar way.

Our main goals for the current week:

  • We will focus on pitching at the Nordea Startup Accelerator’s finals next Wednesday.
  • We will analyse our first dataset and prepare the first version of an automatic report.
  • We will further develop the Estonian dictionary.

Feel you soon!

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